Dad as a Directer Impressed Mira Sorvina

Mira SorvinaMira Sorvino Impressed With Dad As A Director....

Mira Sorvino is desperate to work with her dad Paul Sorvino after performing a cameo in his latest film The Trouble With Cali.

The Oscar winner's sister, Amanda, wrote the screenplay for the film, which the girls' dad directed - and Mira agreed to appear in it, despite her fears that acting for her father would be a nightmare.

She says, "I was a little bit nervous because I thought, 'OK, my father was my first and really best acting teacher; he was my coach on all of my plays and gave me all of my technique.

"I learned, at his feet, the tools of his trade. It had been a long time since I came to him for acting advice and I thought, `How is it gonna be working with dad? Is he gonna feel the need to re-establish the master/pupil relationship?' "But he was the best actor's director I could've ever hoped for. He was nurturing but really insightful, giving me just one little note to tweak something to illicit an even richer moment.

"He was so masterful that I was like, `I want to do a whole big long film with dad as a director.'".


Paula Abdul Defends Allen

Paula AbdulPaula Abdul Defends Allen....

American Idol judge Paula Abdul has defended British singer Lily Allen for cancelling a string of gigs in the U.S.

The singer, 45, believes Allen is too talented to be criticised for cancelling her U.S tour after encountering visa problems - which left her unable to enter America.

She says, "I love Lily Allen. I don't think the fact that she had to cancel her gigs in the States will necessarily affect her success here. Talent is talent.

"People forget that pop stars are human, too - we don't want to let people down but sometimes we can't help it.".


Sarah Jessica Parker's Jolie admiration

Sarah JessicaSarah Jessica Parker admires Angelina Jolie for adopting.

The 'Sex and the City' actress thinks it is incredible Angelina has opened her home to three underprivileged children - Cambodian son Maddox, six, three-year-old Vietnamese son Pax and two-year-old Ethiopian daughter Zahara - and admits she can't even imagine doing the same.

Sarah - who has a five-year-old son, James, with husband Matthew Broderick - said: "It's too late for me to have a big family - I can't imagine it now. But I do think that what people like Angelina Jolie do is amazing. I love being a mother and I would be thrilled if my family were larger but I can't imagine having eight children."

The 42-year-old star admits she finds it hard to balance motherhood with being an actress because of all the attention it brings.

She added to Britain's OK! magazine: "The loss of privacy scares me, that's why you don't hear me complaining about that stuff and that is why you can't trap me into talking about the paparazzi.

"I don't know if I have found a happy balance with the cultural phenomenon of celebrity, especially what has happened over the last five years. I don't think I will ever understand or strike a balance with that."


Angelina doesn't like George Cloone

Angelina JolieAngelina Jolie reportedly dislikes George Clooney - a close friend of her lover Brad Pitt - so much she refused to attend the New York premiere of his movie Michael Clayton last month.

A source told Life and Style Weekly magazine: "Angie is not particularly close to George, so she didn't see why she had to be there."

"She asked Brad if he minded going alone, but Brad says it wasn't really a question. And it was fine with him."

Angelina, 32, allegedly fears lothario George will lead Brad astray, and distract him from his duties as a father.

The source added: "Angie doesn't get along with any of Brad's friends. When they are back in Los Angeles she discourages him from going on boys' nights out."

Brad, 43, and Angelina are parents to adopted children Maddox, six, Pax, three and Zahara, two, as well as 16-month-old biological daughter Shiloh.

It appears George is no fan of Angelina either.

He recently slammed female stars who adopt children from foreign countries, claiming they are doing it to fill a "gap" in their careers.

George, 46, said: "There is nothing more cruel than Hollywood. In a period of years, a woman's career is over. After they have been beating down your door with work, they toss you out from one day to the next. The first thing a lot of women do to fill the gap is adopt kids. That's a bit weird isn't it?"


Michael Jackson's 'wife' battling cancer

Pop star Michael Jackson has allegedly left his children's nanny to battle life-threatening cancer alone in California.

Grace Rwaramba - who has been the primary carer for the singer's three children for several years - is reportedly suffering from lupus and has been abandoned by the pop superstar in her time of need.

A spokeswoman for Jackson denied the claims, insisting Grace was in good health.

But a source told the New York Daily News newspaper: "Grace is not doing well. She's ill, and she could use his spiritual, mental and financial support right now.

"I do believe Michael has affection for Grace, but he acts like a child.

"He could at least give her a call and say, 'How are you doing, Grace? Do you need more doctors?' But it's never like that. It's always taking.

"She's not on death's door, but she's like she was at the beginning of his child molestation trial when she took a break.

"Maybe he thinks she's on a similar break, and she just needs time to get well. I hope he can find it in himself to not be so self-centred."

Jackson's spokeswoman Raymone Bain called the claims "a hilarious rumour".

"I can guarantee she is not very ill. I've spoken to her in the last two hours."

Bain refused to disclose the Thriller singer's whereabouts, only saying "he's in the studio finishing up some music, doing vocals with a host of artists."

The spokeswoman also claimed Rwaramba, 40, is still the primary carer to 10-year-old son Prince Michael Jackson II, nine-year-old daughter Paris, and five-year-old Prince Michael Jackson III nicknamed 'Blanket'.

Last month, it was claimed Jackson and Rwaramba had married in Las Vegas but Bain has dismissed the rumours.

The eccentric singer has recently been dividing his time between Ireland and Las Vegas and was rumoured to be planning a residency at a Las Vegas hotel.

In July, Jackson dropped his Las Vegas plans without any explanation.


Britney Spears saving book

Britney Spears saving bookBritney Spears has been offered the opportunity to write an autobiography in a bid to save her career.

The troubled singer - who recently lost custody of her two sons to ex-husband Kevin Federline - has been approached by author Bruce Littlefield to help write her life story.

The writer - who was asked a few years ago by Britney's then-manager Larry Rudolph if he would be interested in working on a book with her - believes she would be able to "find herself" if she wrote an in-depth account of her life.

Littlefield told the New York Daily News newspaper: "Taking a step back and doing a book would be the best life and career move she could now make. She can find herself by doing the book. She certainly is not finding it by letting it all hang out."

The 25-year-old star has seen her life spiral out of control since she split from Kevin in November last year.

She has partied wildly, allegedly taken drugs, entered rehab, publicly shaved her head and her disastrous comeback performance at the recent MTV Video Music Awards was panned by the critics.

Britney was ordered by a judge to hand over two-year-old Sean Preston and one-year-old Jayden James to Kevin after she failed to attend a drugs test.


Jen ranks as top celebrity covergirl

Jennifer Aniston When it comes to celebrity magazines, actress Jennifer Aniston is the No. 1 covergirl, according to a Forbes ranking of the top-selling faces.

The former Friends star was followed by her ex-husband, actor Brad Pitt, the only man to appear in the top 10, who came in second. Actress Scarlett Johansson, Pitt's current partner Angelina Jolie, Reese Witherspoon and Katie Holmes rounded out the top six spots.

The website, forbes analyzed the sales of six weekly magazines – People, Star, Us Weekly, In Touch, OK! and Life & Style – over a six-month period ending June 30, 2007.

"We eliminated all non-celebrity and collage covers as well as special issues with exceptionally large rate bases," said Forbes.

"Then we counted how many more-or-less issues the celebrity's cover sold, as compared with the magazine's average newsstand sales."

Also factored in were the number of covers graced by a celebrity and their consumer appeal, which was rated by E-Poll Market Research.

Singers and American Idol contestants Carrie Underwood and Jennifer Hudson tied for seventh place, and were followed by actress and Jenny Craig spokeswoman Valerie Bertinelli and morning talk show host Kelly Ripa.

And while pop star Britney Spears appeared on 18 covers during the six months, the collective sales were some 600,000 below average, said Forbes, and combined with her low appeal score of 3, placed her last among the cover subjects.

The only celebrity to have a lower appeal rating than Spears was Paris Hilton,


Gisele Sandals: Now Sold Down Under!

Gisele BundchenBrazilian glamazon Gisele Bundchen gets toey and shows off sandals from her very own line at her the “Gisele Bundchen Ipanema Collection” footwear collection launch.

The event took place at Alumbra, Docklands on Wednesday in Melbourne, Australia. Her range of thongs and sandals will distributed in Australia by Melbourne firm Novo Shoe.

“I feel like the president here,” Gisele said as Aussie fashionistas cheered for her.

A percentage of Ipanema Collection sales will be donated to the Pure Xingu Water campaign, aimed at preserving the headwaters of the Xingu River system in Brazil’s Amazon region.


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