Brad Pitt Flies Air France

Brad Pitt takes a first class Air France Flight back to LAX airport in Los Angeles on Thursday (July 30).<br /><br />Meanwhile, Angelina Jolie was seen landing her plane at the Bob Hope Airport after an hour and 28 minute flying lesson from Las Vegas. Her sons Maddox, 7, and Pax, 5, were reportedly on board and on hand for the Sin City trip. Brad Pitt takes a first class Air France Flight back to LAX airport in Los Angeles on Thursday (July 30).

Meanwhile, Angelina Jolie was seen landing her plane at the Bob Hope Airport after an hour and 28 minute flying lesson from Las Vegas. Her sons Maddox, 7, and Pax, 5, were reportedly on board and on hand for the Sin City trip.


Winehouse's dad faked heart attack to get her off drugs

Winehouse's dad faked heart attack to get her off drugsAmy Winehouse's father Mitch has confessed he faked a heart attack in front of her formerly drug addict daughter to get her off heroin.

The 59-year-old former cabbie said he was desperate to get the 25-year-old singer out of drug hell before it took a nasty turn.

"I was at me wits end. I just didn't know which way to turn. I'd tried everything. I pretended I was seriously ill and even got our doctor to tell Amy that I was dying," The Mirror quoted him as saying.

"Once I even started screaming and said I was having a heart attack, but it didn't work. Amy's not stupid and she wanted to see my medical records proving I was actually ill," he added.

The "Rehab" hitmaker kicked her drug habit after her extended break in St Lucia.


DiCaprio Plays With a Pussycat Doll

DiCaprio Plays With a Pussycat DollHollywood actor Leonardo Dicaprio has reportedly moved on from his model ex-girlfriend Bar Refaeli - he has been linked to Pussycat Dolls star Ashley Roberts.

DiCaprio, who is rumoured to have split from Refaeli earlier this summer (09), has fuelled speculation he is back on the dating scene after he was photographed enjoying a night out in London with Roberts.

Leo's table was surrounded by some of the girls he had met at the polo. But he seemed more interested in talking to Ashley than anyone else and the pair were getting on really well

The pair met at the Cartier International Polo event in Windsor, England on Saturday (25Jul09) and they were later spotted partying together in the British capital at exclusive nightclub Whiskey Mist.

A source tells U.K. newspaper the Evening Standard, "Leo's table was surrounded by some of the girls he had met at the polo. But he seemed more interested in talking to Ashley than anyone else and the pair were getting on really well".

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Erotic Madonna tapes go on sale

Erotic Madonna tapes go on saleRock legend Jimi Hendrix's first recording contract worth $1 and erotic audio and video tapes sent by Madonna to her old bodyguard have gone on sale in an online auction.

Other artists and prominent figures featured among the more than 450 items offered in the rock 'n' roll and pop art auction on include John Lennon, Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, the Rolling Stones and Eminem. The auction will run through August 5.

Hendrix's earliest known contract for $1 dated October 15, 1965, could fetch up to $250,000, auctioneers said. It was signed by Hendrix and music producers PPX Enterprises of New York for Hendrix to play and sing exclusively for three years.

The contract - on which Hendrix's first name is spelled "Jimmy" - also granted him 1 percent of the retail sales from his recordings.

Two cassette tapes holding 17 minutes of messages that Madonna left in 1992 and 1993 on the answering machine of James Albright, the bodyguard who became her lover, are expected to fetch between $30,000 and $40,000.

An intimate home video sent to Albright featuring Madonna in a hotel room with castmates shot during the making of the 1993 film Dangerous Game has an estimate draw of $12,000 to $14,000.

Also up for sale are copies of love letters faxed to Albright by Madonna between 1992 and 1994 using the code name "Lola Montez".

The auction house described the video as "very personal and intimate" but its representatives said they were not allowed to say exactly what was on it. Neither the audio tapes nor the home video are being sold with copyright so the owner will not be able to sell the tapes to a public forum.

Another top lot is a life-size prop of Schwarzenegger's T-800 terminator used in various action sequences in the film Terminator 2: Judgment Day that has an estimated selling price of $150,000 to $200,000.

Also on sale are Dylan's original 1962 working lyrics for his song A Hard Rain's a-Gonna Fall, jackets worn by Lennon and US rapper Eminem's outfit that parodied Michael Jackson in his Just Lose It music video are also on sale.'s chief executive, Peter Siegel, said he expected the auction to fetch high prices even in tough economic times.

"These items are not really economic-centric," he said. "Pop culture is international, there is still a lot of money out there and these items are relatively still a bargain compared to pieces of art from unknown artists who may become famous."
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Some of the items can be viewed in person at the Gotta Have It store in New York. The bidding will be open until August 5.


Sandra Bullock wants boob job to look like bimbo

Sandra Bullock wants boob job to look like bimboActress Sandra Bullock wants to get a cosmetic surgery done to enhance her twin assets in order to look like a bimbo.

"I need surgery. I'm getting some boobs. I think that's my problem. All my brains are in my butt, they're not in my chest,” she said jokingly.

She said: "I want to be the bimbo, I want to be looked at as the bimbo, purely as a sexual object. I've been working for that for a very long time."

The beauty also revealed that she needs to exercise regularly to remain in shape, but that does not stop her from eating fatty foods, she generally craves for, reports an entertainment news agency.

She added: "I don't believe in denying myself anything. If I can be good during the week, then at the weekend I can eat whatever I want."

"I love good food. I love pastas and cheeses and a nice glass of wine. I love good clean, hearty food. But a steak, and a great glass of wine, there's nothing better than that - some homemade French Fries and a big bowl of ice-cream."


Katie Price’s New Lover

Katie Price’s New LoverPeter Andre’s side of the bed has hardly had enough time to go cold and Katie Price has already shacked up with another bloke… who is already in a relationship with someone else.

Yes that’s right everyone, it looks like Jordan could be making a comeback after the glamour model has been snapped getting cosy with cage fighter and former Hollyoaks star Alex Reid at the weekend.

It looks like the pair could be embarking on a new romance after spending the night together after Price sent Reid a number of love texts since they first met, the only problem now is, that Alex is believed to still be involved in a long-term relationship. Uh-Oh.

So, despite their cosy night in a Liverpool hotel, Reid’s girlfriend Marie Thornton is alleged to be "in pieces" after reading about the cage fighter's alleged fling with the former maneater.

A spokesperson for Price insisted that she is merely friends with Reid, however, her estranged husband Peter Andre has reportedly said that he wants nothing to do with his estranged wife Katie Price after it was claimed that she has started a new relationship.


G-Force Topples Harry Potter

G-Force Topples Harry PotterAfter just one week at the top of the U.S. box office Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince has had to make way for G-Force, the first 3-D movie from Jerry Bruckheimer.

It seems that the boy wizard was no match for the elite squad of guinea pigs as they stormed to the top of the box office grossing $32.2 million in it's opening weekend.

Armed with the latest high-tech spy equipment, these highly trained guinea pigs discover that the fate of the world is in their paws.

Tapped for the G-Force are guinea pigs Darwin (voice of Sam Rockwell), the squad leader determined to succeed at all costs; Blaster (voice of Tracy Morgan), an outrageous weapons expert with tons of attitude and a love for all things extreme; and Juarez (voice of Penelope Cruz), a sexy martial arts pro; plus the literal fly-on-the-wall reconnaissance expert, Mooch, and a star-nosed mole, Speckles (voice of Nicolas Cage), the computer and information specialist.

Harry Potter had to settle for second place as it grossed a further $30 million, a 61% drop in comparison to last week's gross. The film has now grossed over $222 million at the global box office.

There was more box office success for Katherine Heigl as her new movie The Ugly Truth, which sees her team up with Gerard Butler, opened at number three.

Orphan opened in fourth. Starring Peter Sarsgaard and Vera Farmiga the couple are left devastated by the death of their unborn child but are terrorised by the child that hey decide to adopt.

Rounding off the top five was animation hit Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs. This weeks biggest faller was Bruno as it dropped from four to ten.

1. "G-Force," $32.2 million.
2. "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince," $30 million.
3. "The Ugly Truth," $27 million.
4. "Orphan," $12.8 million.
5. "Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs," $8.2 million.
6. "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen," $8 million.
7. "The Hangover," $6.5 million.
8. "The Proposal," $6.4 million.
9. "Public Enemies," $4.2 million.
10. "Bruno," $2.7 million.


Sexy Zombie Megan Fox

Sexy Zombie Megan FoxMegan Fox finds playing a zombie "sexy".

The 23-year-old beauty enjoyed starring as a back-from-the-dead cheerleader who kills and eats her classmates in new movie 'Jennifer's Body'.

She said: "I think I'm pretty sexy in it. You'd better put on your sexy shoes for this movie.

"There's a girl-on-girl kiss. And beyond that, before every kill there is a seduction that occurs."

Megan - who loves the film because "it's so unapologetic and inappropriate" - insists it was a challenging role because there weren't many special-effects, unlike the 'Transformers' movies she has appeared in.

There are no robots to distract you from whatever performance I give, so if it's terrible you will know. But the character was so much fun. I felt I was being able to make fun of my own image.

She explained to a US magazine: "There are no robots to distract you from whatever performance I give, so if it's terrible you will know. But the character was so much fun. I felt I was being able to make fun of my own image.

"That, of course, is intimidating, but I think the character was so much fun for me. And I wasn't really sure what I was doing. I was just trying to have fun with it.

"I felt like I was being able to make fun of my own image, sort of, as to how some people might perceive Megan Fox to be. I was just sort of flying freely and I hope some of it worked."


Sex tape scenes in Hilton's biography shock her mom

Paris Hilton Sex tape sceneParis Hilton's mother was shocked when she watched her daughter's documentary because the makers included scenes from the socialite's infamous sex tape. Kathy said it was "hard" for them to see it.

The hotel heiress is the focus of "Paris, Not France", a behind-the-scenes movie about the star's life that was made three years ago.

The picture premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in France earlier this year and will make its TV debut in America Tuesday.

Hilton's mother Kathy watched the documentary at a preview screening, but she wasn't prepared to see footage of her eldest daughter engaging in sex acts with ex-lover Rick Salomon in the notorious 2003 video "One Night In Paris".

"I didn't know (the sex tape) was going to be in it. It's very tough. I can't believe they kept that part in there. I thought they kept that part out. It's very hard for us to watch," Kathy told E! Online.


Incredible pics of Michael Jakson’s first Moonwalk emerge

Incredible pics of Michael Jakson’s first Moonwalk emergeAccording to a report accompanying the pictures, Jackson spent hours studying the ankle, heel, and toes to "glide like he was on ice" across the stage.

His friend Dr. Steven Hoefflin has revealed that the late ‘Thriller’ hitmaker had once seen some children doing an unusual "walking forward while moving backwards" dance in 1982.

He says that he even took the star to a dissection at UCLA Hospital so that he could gain some understanding about the anatomy of the feet.

"When you think of Michael Jackson, you think of the Moonwalk. That dance was Michael’s obsession and passion, we spent weeks practising in my living room," British tabloid The Sun quoted Dr. Hoefflin as saying.

Michael finally unveiled his Moonwalk dancing to hit Billie Jean at the 25th Anniversary of Motown concert in Pasadena in May 1983.

Dr. Hoefflin admitted he was "overcome with pride", saying: "Michael wanted to blow the world away with his dance. He achieved that."


Reality Show 'Sach Ka Saamna' on Star Plus might get banned

Ban 'Sach Ka Saamna'

Mahendra H Singhi, president of All-India Jain Youth Federation (Hubli chapter), has urged Union information and broadcasting minister Ambika
Soni to ban the telecast of controversial serial ‘Sach Ka Saamna'.
In a letter to the minister, Singhi has stated that the serial, adapted from the western show ‘The Moment of Truth', will upset the Indian family set-up, leading to large number of divorces, heartbreaks and feuds.
"India is known for traditions, culture and human values. By telecasting the serial, there will be negative impact on the people," he said.


Emma Watson Thanks Wizard Author

Emma Watson Thanks Wizard AuthorEmma Watson feels blessed to have J.K. Rowling in her life.

The 'Harry Potter' actress - who plays clever student Hermione Granger in the movie franchise - has grown close to the author behind the boy wizard books and enjoys working with her.

She said: "In the earlier years she was still writing the books and also had a young child, so she was really busy. But now she can be more involved and it's more of a pleasure. She has been around more, and we are quite similar in a way, so she has been nice to talk to. She's been very caring and is genuinely a really lovely woman. It's just wonderful to have her in my life."

But now she can be more involved and it's more of a pleasure

The 19-year-old beauty also admitted she will have a "big hole" in her life when the 'Harry Potter' films come to an end but she is confident the franchise will continue to entertain future generations.

She explained: "Yes, there will be a big hole. But I think you underestimate the longevity of the series. I think they are making a theme park and new generations of children will keep reading the books and hopefully watching the films - everyone has tried to make sure they'll be classics."


Vanessa Hudgens Gets Mother Fired

Vanessa Hudgens Gets Mother FiredVanessa Hudgens was so dependent on her mum as she grew up, she got her fired from her office job by constantly harassing her at work.

The High School Musical star admits she is extremely close to her parents, and in particular her mother, Gina, who she still speaks to "almost every day".

I would call her at work nonstop, to the point where she got fired Vanessa Hudgens

But as the 20 year old rose to fame she found it difficult spending long periods of time away from her family - so she bombarded her mum's office with calls.

Hudgens tells Parade magazine, "I got her fired once. I was calling herat work way too much, because I missed her. Back then, I was so shy, I did not want to leave her side. I would call her at work nonstop, to the point where she got fired. It was horrible".


Diane Kruger is an Inglourious Basterd

Diane Kruger is an Inglourious BasterdDiane Kruger kisses director Quentin Tarantino on the cheek at the UK film premiere of Inglourious Basterds at the Odeon Leicester Square on Thursday (July 23) in London, England.

Quentin Tarantino had much praise to heap on the 33-year-old actress at the premiere. “In the case of Diane it was really wonderful. She had an idea of who she was basing the character on, and I had another idea of another actress, so I showed he that kind of work,” he said.

“So we had fun creating almost a mythology of the character,” Tarantino added.


Katie Price has no qualms dating a woman

Katie Price has no qualms dating a womanKatie Price has revealed that she does not mind dating a woman after her split with husband Peter Andre.

The hottie, who seems to have reprised her wild alter ego Jordan, had recently expressed her desire to bed soccer stars Frank Lampard and Christiano Ronaldo.

However, she has now hinted that she can turn to women to fulfill her naughty desires.

“No one could ever bet or imagine who I’ll be going out with next. I don’t even know myself. Who knows? It could be a woman. Then they would all be wrong,” the Daily Star quoted her as saying.

Jordan added that she is in talks with filmmakers in LA about being cast in a Baywatch spin-off and Sex And The City 2.

She said, “They want a big-breasted English glamour girl and I have had the audition." Meanwhile, she has launched her raunchy novel, Sapphire.


Sienna Miller's parents hate to see her have sex

Sienna Miller's parents hate to see her have sexBrit actress Sienna Miller has revealed that whenever she does not want her father to view sexually explicit movie scenes of hers she just covers up his eyes.

The 27-year-old actress, whose latest film GI Joe will be out in the UK next month, admits that her parents are proud of her work and also offer support.

But Miller is still not able to do away with the embarrassment she feels when she is watching her more X-rated scenes with them in the room.

“My parents are very supportive of my work, but they hate seeing me die, overdose or have sex on screen. I have to cover dad's eyes for those parts!” the Daily Express quoted her as saying.


Solange Knowles Shaves Her Head

Solange Knowles Shaves Her HeadSolange Knowles shows off her newly shaved head while picking up her son Daniel, aka Julez, from school in Los Angeles on Thursday (July 23).

The 23-year-old younger sister of Beyonce Knowles took to her Twitter to defend her newly shorn look. Solange said, “Listen, if I wanted to make a statement, I would have twitpic’d (uploaded pictures). I was simply taking my son to school. Stupid paps took pic. I’ve had my hair cut like this for two weeks. I was not inspired by anyone but myself. I have done this twice in my life. I was 16. I was 18. Did not care about your opinion then. Don’t care now. Don’t need your attention. I am #3 trending topic [on Twitter] before IRAN and some of you can’t even locate it on a map. It’s sad. I just wanted to be free from the bondage that black women sometimes put on themselves with hair. I’m not mad at all of you that have made your opinions know and have sent negative energy my way. I expected this of you.”


Diamond belly button for Priyanka Chopra

Diamond belly button for Priyanka ChopraRumourmongers were having hay day speculating on why Priyanka Chopra looked so happy on her birthday in spite of the absence of her boyfriend (just good friend) Shahid Kapoor. Priyanka did have a reason to smile. She received a surprise special gift from her parents. Believe it or not, she was gifted a diamond belly button.

“Hey tweeple got some rocking news.. My parents got me a diamond belly button ring for my b’day.. Guess what? just got my piercing done! Yay!” posted Priyanka, a regular on Twitter.

It is said that Priyanka couldn't believe her eyes when her parents gifted her a butterfly-shaped diamond belly button on her birthday, on 18th July, because she never expected such a gift. Sources said that Priyanka had pierced her belly earlier and used to wear belly button until she was forced to part with it following the demand of her film roles.

Well, Priyanka must be looking forward to show off her diamond-studded-belly the next time she appears in public. She also has a lot to look forward to this year with many promising projects in her kitty. Her film Kaminey, where she acts with Shahid Kapoor, is releasing this August and What's Your Raashee with Hurman Baweja is scheduled for release in September. She also has another film titled Pyaar Impossible with Uday Chopra.

Expect the unexpected from Priyanka!


Is this Mallika sherawat's butt?

Is this Mallika sherawat's butt?The daring Mallika Sherawat who doesn’t shy away from exposing has developed cold feet in her upcoming snake woman flick Hisss.

The actress insisted on a body double for a scene in which she sheds her skin in the forest. Her brother Vikram Lamba, when quizzed by the press on whether Mallika had backed out from doing the scene herself, denied it outright. 'Yes, we have used a body double, but it was Jennifer Lynch (the director) who took a call on the matter and decided that we should use a body double.'

Hissss is the story of a naagin with a vengeance agenda, played by Mallika. The bloody, gory film has Mallika the naagin gulping down bodies while she shape-shifts into a beautiful woman to locate her mate, who has been captured. Creating chaos in the city, the cops are bewildered with this mysterious phenomenon and Irrfan Khan, who plays the head cop must capture her before she strikes again.

But this is not a new thing. Mahesh Bhatt once spoke about her developing cold feet during the making of Murder. Did you know she used a body double even then? Now you do!

StarBoxOffice feels that the dare-bare Mallika Sherawat seems to have toned down her wild ways, which we get to hear about so much only in print. The truth is always something else. Afterall, she is still an Indian girl, no matter what she is up to in LA!


Milkshake singer Kelis Gives Birth To Baby Boy

Milkshake singer Kelis Gives Birth To Baby Boy“Milkshake” singer Kelis welcomed her first child on Wednesday

“Kelis gave birth to Knight Jones last night on July 22nd around 9 PM,” a rep for Kelis said in a statement. “Weighing a healthy 7.8lbs, the beautiful baby boy and his mother are doing wonderful.”

The singer went into labor early Monday morning around 2 AM. Kelis’ rep said she chose a natural birth.

The singer delivered in a New York City area hospital. Her mother and sister were present in the room during the birth.

This is the first child for the singer, and the second for ex-husband Nas, who also has a 15-year-old daughter from a previous relationship.

Kelis announced her pregnancy at the beginning of this year, before filing for divorce from Nas in late April.


Miranda's steamy Victoria's Secret photoshoot

Miranda's steamy Victoria's Secret photoshoot
After posing for her first nude photo shoot a couple of months ago, Miranda Kerr is still continuing to shed her clothes in almost every opportunity she gets.

The hottie flashed barely-there underwear in the latest campaign for American lingerie brand Victoria's Secret.

The 26-year-old appeared in her first nude shoot on the cover of last month's Australian Rolling Stone magazine. Since then, erotic shots have been published of her posing nude for the latest Pirelli calendar.

Kerr is currently dating actor Orlando Bloom and lives with him in Hollywood. However, she has avoided marriage till now.

"He has told her he wants to marry her and will propose again this summer,'' the Daily Telegraph quoted a source close to the couple telling London's Daily Mail.

Bloom apparently has decided to try his luck for the last time.

The insider added, "If she says no, he has said it will be over. Orlando discussed marriage with her in New York last year and again in Sydney earlier this year, but she kept saying she was too young.''


Evan Rachel Wood's Androgynous Attraction

Evan Rachel Wood's Androgynous AttractionEvan Rachel Wood is attracted to androgynous men.

The actress, who is dating 'ER' actor Shane West, has a crush on guys who are not overtly masculine and wear make-up.

When asked about Adam Lambert - the outrageously dressed gay singer who was runner-up on this year's 'American Idol' - Evan said: "I probably couldn't help myself, that guyliner is so amazing.

"But he's got an incredible voice, talent is very sexy. I love that he's so androgynous, he just doesn't care, has fun and wears whatever he wants."

Evan - whose ex-boyfriend Marilyn Manson is famous for his gender-challenging outfits - also admits she partied hard when she became an adult because her parents were very strict with her when she was growing up.

But he's got an incredible voice, talent is very sexy. I love that he's so androgynous, he just doesn't care, has fun and wears whatever he wants.

The 21-year-old brunette star explained to FOX News: "I wasn't too rebellious, I was a pretty good kid. My parents were very strict so it wasn't until I turned 18 that I went crazy.

"I tried so hard to fit a certain mould that certain people in my life wanted me to be. I thought that making other people happy was enough to make me happy, but I just wasn't comfortable so now I follow my instinct. You only live once."

Evan went on to explain why she is attracted to older men - Manson is 40, while Shane is 31 - and believes it is because she is more mature than other people her age.

She said: "That's just what works for me. I usually just have more in common with them for some reason.

"I guess because I've just always been around older people..."


Ryan Reynold enjoyed doing nude scene with Sandra Bullock

Ryan Reynolds, Scarlett Johansson, Sandra BullockCanadian actor Ryan Reynolds, who is married to actress Scarlett Johansson, says he enjoyed filming a nude scene with Sandra Bullock for "The Proposal" because she has a great body.

"It's a good situation to be in, seeing her naked - believe me, Sandra's no slob, that's for sure,"

The 32-year-old initially worried that Sandra, 44, would back out of the scene because of nerves.

"I didn't think we'd shoot it to be honest because she's never done a head-to-toe nude scene before.

"I just thought, 'Oh she's just going along with it and once we actually get closer to it, she'll say we need to rewrite this.' No way. She was 100 percent in," he said.

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Explosion nearly burns Sienna Miller's breasts

Explosion nearly burns Sienna Miller's breastsHollywood actress Sienna Miller nearly burnt her boobs while shooting for her new movie. The 27-year-old actress, who plays femme fatale The Baroness in GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra, nearly set her breasts on fire after getting too close to an explosion.

"Luckily it wasn't my breasts, it was the bit in-between,” the Sun quoted Miller as saying.

"It got a bit burnt when an explosion got a bit close," she added.

Miller also revealed that she hated wearing her character's figure-hugging clobber and won’t be wearing it again.

"Squeezing myself into that with the aid of talcum powder every day for five months was more than enough. I could barely move in it," she said.


Britney Spears Scared Of Death Threats

Britney Spears Scared Of Death ThreatsIt has been very quiet on the Britney Spears front, but now she's hitting the news again. Britney decided not to bring her sons to Russia during her tour, after she was reportedly left very upset by several death threats. Britney has been travelling through Europe with sons Sean Preston and Jayden James as she is performing her live Circus show across the continent. Britney has been inundated with a series of threatening e-mail messages, and now she is refusing to bring her sons with her as she played her first ever show in Russia, leaving them with family members in London. Spears also decided against staying in the country herself, spending the night in Finland and jetting to St Petersburg. Britney will fly back to Moscow to perform at the capital tomorrow, before taking her private jet back to London to be with her boys. A tour spokesperson reportedly told British newspaper The Sun, "Originally, both boys were to accompany Britney but she was against taking them because of these constant threats."


Madge mourns stage collapse victims

Madge mourns stage collapse victimsPop star Madonna, whose concert was cancelled after two people died in a stage collapse, paid respect to the victims during her tour in Marseilles in France.

"Let's all just take a moment to say a prayer for Charles Criscenzo and Charlie Prow. Our hearts go out to their family and loved ones," quoted Madonna as saying.

The singer appeared in a black dress and embraced a widow. She also visited eight workers who were still hospitalised.

"She (Madonna) wanted to make a positive gesture. She won't be performing but will be showing solidarity with the victims' families. She is moved by what happened and feels very personally involved," a source said.

Explaining the unfortunate incident, a stadium worker said: "Normally four cranes are used to lift temporary roofs but on this occasion only three were being used. It was a recipe for disaster."


Angelina Jolie's dresses stolen

Angelina Jolie's dresses stolenHollywood actress Angelina Jolie suffered a fashion nightmare on July 16 when her dresses were stolen from her stylist.

The "Tomb Raider" actress' dresser Jennifer Rade was collecting classic pieces for Jolie to wear during the promotion of her upcoming movie "Salt" but three boxes of designer clothing were swiped from Rade last week in unknown circumstances, reports

"Every designer who was sending pieces was trying to send their best stuff. Angelina was just starting the fitting process for pieces to wear when she begins promoting 'Salt'," said a source.


Bollywood Actress Priyanka Chopra's 'meaningful' Birthday

Bollywood Actress Priyanka Chopra's 'meaningful' BirthdayPriyanka Chopra might have had a private bash on the night of her 27th birthday but DNA has learnt that the actor took time out of her busy schedule to spend the entire day with orphans and senior citizens bringing smile on their faces. In fact, Priyanka does this every year as she looks forward to spend her birthday by either visiting an orphanage or an old-age home. The former Miss World believes that she can't have a more 'meaningful birthday' without doing so.

A source says, "This year Priyanka visited a leprosy home, an old age home and an orphanage and distributed gifts to the inmates.

She has been doing it every year on her birthday. Apart from that she also visits the inmates whenever she can squeeze some time out of her schedule. She is attached with several orphanages and old-age homes in Mumbai and on her birthday when she is smiling, she wants to see the same smile on the faces of the not so fortunate ones."

The insider adds, "There's always an entourage of 10-15 people with Priyanka whenever she does this round on her birthday. She makes sure that her parents are around her all through the day when she is visiting these places. Priyanka also involves her staff and also her best friend from Delhi, Tamanna, who flies down every year. She very thoughtfully chooses gifts for all of them. She also buys food and clothes for them. Throughout the day Priyanka meets more than 300 children and about 150 old people and spends time with each one of them. She feels her birthdays aren't complete without meeting them."


Aamir shares ‘teaching’ talks with Hillary Clinton

Aamir shares ‘teaching’ talks with Hillary ClintonThe ‘Taare Zameen Par’ teacher surfaced in Aamir Khan when he met the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton recently. The brand ambassador of the Teach India initiative, Aamir had shared the dais with the high lady in an interactive session at St. Xavier’s College. On the occasion, Aamir aired his views on Indian teaching methods and problems faced by the children here in terms of studies.

He was of the opinion that in the country the report cards matter more than the actual reasoning power. “We should encourage those minds who are thirsty and hungry for knowledge. Children who believe in questioning, searching, disagreeing and not just memorising and cramming should be appreciated,” he stated.

He next spoke about the importance of teaching. Aamir brought out the issue of negligence shown towards the teaching profession. By giving priority to medical and engineering, the profession is left with less or no scope when it comes to choosing a career. He suggested, “Teaching should be a high paying job so that youngsters should aim at becoming teachers. I would like to see that one day in India, teaching is the most highly paid job. We should give so much value to teaching as a profession that every kid that comes out of school and college should feel that he or she wants to be a teacher.”

Lack of proper guidance and poor assumptions towards this profession makes students to neglect such a reputable career. Today, our educational system emphasises more on memorising rather than rational thinking, Aamir went on to add further.

Hillary Clinton was extremely impressed with the high vision of the actor and had completely agreed with him.

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Saif and Kareena's strange roles in Love Aaj Kal

Sexy Bebo with Saif Ali Khan This has got to be seen. Imtiaz Ali's third directorial venture, Love Aaj Kal, is already been talked about for various reasons including Kareena Kapoor's 'ghost appearance'.

But Kareena's ghost haunts not just Deepika Padukone's presence in the film. Saif's character in a bizarre so-far undisclosed way is also wedded to Kareena.

Love Aaj Kal: Saif and Deepika get cosy

It now comes to light that in one segment of the film, Saif plays Rishi Kapoor who happens to be Kareena's uncle in real life. And when we say Saif 'plays' Rishi Kapoor, we mean Rishi Kapoor's character grows younger in the plot to become Saif.

This isn't the first time that two actors have played the same character. Smriti Mishra and Kirron Kher played two phases in the life of Shyam Benegal's Sardari Begum. But they were not connected the way Saif and Rishi are by Kareena.

Without giving away the plot a source discloses, "The same character is played by Saif in a flashback and then Rishi Kapoor in present times. Unfortunately, Chintuji has little screen time with his son's girlfriend Deepika. But he gets to bond for a major screen time with his niece Kareena's boyfriend and yes, they play the same character in two different time zones."

Without revealing much, let's just say Rishi's character plays the passionate lover-guy who believes love conquers all.

"At the end we see him with his real-life love interest and soul-mate Neetu Singh who makes a one-shot appearance," says a source.

I'm not a tough nut to crack: Kareena Kapoor

The Kapoors and the Khans couldn't have hoped for a better merger before Saif and Kareena's marriage.

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Hilary Duff Hails Harry Potter

Hilary Duff Hails Harry PotterHilary Duff holds her tummy as she leaves Sharky’s Mexican Restaurant and then is spotted later in the day after watching the latest Harry Potter movie with a girlfriend on Sunday (July 19) in Los Angeles, Calif.

It was reported earlier this month that the 21-year-old singer/actress will guest-star next season on Gossip Girl as “a movie star looking for a typical college experience.”

Also this season on Gossip Girl, former Privileged actress Joanna Garcia will play a new love interest for heartthrob Chace Crawford.


Mischa Barton may commit suicide

Mischa Barton may commit suicideMischa Barton is said to have recently collapsed at her Los Angeles home because she had allegedly snorted cocaine three days in a row.

The 23-year-old actress remained in an involuntary psychiatric hold after reportedly suffering a meltdown. Pals of the former O.C star informed police amid fears she would kill herself after three days of hard partying.

"She's in very bad shape. She's running out of money and can't find love, so now she is looking for a good time to escape her misery. She is on a downward spiral. She is a mess. She is a suicidal, uninsurable mess," the Daily Express quoted a friend as telling the New York Post.

Los Angeles police and Barton's representative have suggested that the actress required assistance for "a medical issue." They haven't revealed any further details.


Amy Winehouse’s Ex-Husband Wants £6million

Amy Winehouse’s Ex-Husband Wants £6millionAmy Winehouse has been left reeling after her ex-husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, demanded a £6million payoff.

Blake claims he is entitled to the fortune because he inspired her massively successful album Back To Black by cheating on her.

Fielder-Civil, 27, was granted a quickie divorce on Thursday on the grounds of Amy’s adultery.

“Amy did write Back To Black when Blake left her, but why on earth should he be getting a dime for making her feel so bad?” a source told Britain’s News of The World newspaper.

“She was at her lowest ebb when she wrote that album. Her boyfriend had left her for another woman and she poured her heart and soul into the writing process.

“It’s like saying that the man who writes a book about his murdered wife should give the murderer some of the profits.

“It’s an absolutely ridiculous request.

“The judge has given the Decree Nisi and the Decree Absolute will follow in six weeks.

“Blake has to make a claim before that but he has made it clear to Amy privately he wants millions. She believes she’s right and Blake has no real case for a stake at her money.

“Amy’s distraught because she hopes to get back to St Lucia and move on with a new phase of her life but doesn’t think Blake will go quietly. Blake’s family don’t want him to ask for money but he hasn’t given up on a hefty payday.

“He thinks he was a big part of her success with Back To Black and deserves money for what he put up with.

“Amy is furious and doesn’t want to negotiate.

“But she’s happy for his outrageous demands to be made public because she wants to show him up.”


The ‘Truth’ about Katherine Heigl

The ‘Truth’ about Katherine Heigl“The Ugly Truth,” a sweetly outrageous take on the battle of the sexes, marks Katherine Heigl’s second R-rated summer comedy.

“It’s not that I want to do R-rated movies, but they’re the most honest out there. I’m a 30-year-old woman,” the star of TV’s “Grey’s Anatomy” and the 2007 summer smash “Knocked Up” said Friday at L.A.’s Four Seasons Hotel.

“I loved ‘27 Dresses’ ” - her 2008 PG-13 hit - “but I still feel like I want to tell a real story to people my age and my generation. We censor so much of that (raunchy language) for a PG-13 rating that it can start to get a little cute and a little fantasy.”

In “Ugly Truth” Heigl plays Abby, a single California TV talk show producer who has yet to meet her ideal guy.

When Mike Chadway (Gerard Butler) starts making commentaries on her show about what men really think of women, namely their looks - “the ugly truth” as he calls it - it sparks a ratings bonanza.

Though Abby is initially disgusted, the two feel an attraction.

“What I love,” Heigl said, “is they end up together but it didn’t feel like fantasy, it felt like real life - two people sexually attracted to each other who came together emotionally and came together in a grownup’s world.”

Abby is not far from her “Grey’s Anatomy” character Dr. Izzie Stevens. Abby, she said, “Is not Izzie but a distant cousin.”

“I definitely want to go and explore different personalities and people. But at the end of the day it’s hard to divorce me from that role. It’s nine months of the year, five days a week. It’s the way I talk and gesture; I’m going to slip in there. For this film I thought I could escape but I couldn’t. Something of me is always going to surface.”

There have been rumors that Heigl was leaving the series, but she returned and filmed 17 hours last Wednesday.


Jackson Reunion Tour in the Works?

Jackson Reunion Tour in the WorksMichael Jackson's death left a huge void in the music world. His brothers may be trying to fill at least one of them with the rebirth of the Jackson….four.

It appears that the King of Pop's passing may spurn a mini-reunion tour for the surviving members of the Jackson 5.

Jacksons Tito, Randy, Marlon and Jermaine are reportedly in talks with concert promoters AEG to perform at the O2 Arena in London, according to the Los Angeles Times.

That would be the same venue where the King of Pop was set to stage his comeback with 50 shows, before he died June 25.

While a rep for AEG has yet to comment, according to the L.A. Times, any show put on by the brothers would not be a one-off: They are reportedly negotiating for several dates at the U.K. venue.

Countdown to when Jermaine calls the paper a liar in 3...2...1..


Sarah Harding Struggled With Screen Kiss

Sarah Harding Struggled With Screen KissSarah Harding says kissing Dominic Cooper was "weird".

The Girls Aloud beauty - who is dating DJ Tom Crane - found it strange locking lips with the 'Mamma Mia!' heartthrob for her acting debut in UK TV show 'Freefall'.

She said: "It was very weird, not in a bad way, mind. It's just that when you're kissing someone other than your boyfriend, you just feel a bit wrong.

"But it didn't feel like a real kiss. The room was full of people getting us to do it again. I just ended up laughing during the takes. It was very awkward.

The Girls Aloud beauty - who is dating DJ Tom Crane - found it strange locking lips with the 'Mamma Mia!' heartthrob for her acting debut in UK TV show 'Freefall'

"Dominic is a very good-looking, though, and as it was my first on-screen snog, I could have done a lot worse."

Sarah admits she's nervous about Tom watching the kiss as she knows he's uncomfortable about her locking lips with another man.

The blonde beauty added: "He hasn't seen it and I'm scared! I don't think he could watch me doing that, he's a man's man. He doesn't like the idea, even though he knows it's only acting, but he's proud of what I've done. He's met Dominic and they get on really well."


Anna Friel Proud To Be Sexy | Anna Friel thinks her legs are sexy

Anna Friel Proud To Be SexyAnna Friel thinks her legs are sexy.

The 'Land of the Lost' actress struggled to decide what her best physical assets were while preparing for her role as an attractive research assistant alongside funnyman Will Ferrell in the new movie, but eventually settled on her pins.

She said: "I personally think my legs are better than my boobs. I was a little worried at first, but in the end, the general consensus was to go with the legs. I was relieved because all the original sketches showed my character with a little shirt tied barely an inch above my midriff. All in all, I'd rather show my legs than my tummy. I find that sexier, and fortunately the director agreed."

I was a little worried at first, but in the end, the general consensus was to go with the legs

However, the 33-year-old actress hasn't always considered herself attractive and admits she constantly feels under pressure to fit in with Hollywood's idea of beauty.

She said: "You do have to stay slim, and you can't make excuses. Looking good is a serious business and you have to make a decision to go along with it or else you're just not going to get the work. In the beginning, I had such an awful time that I just wanted to run back home. But, looking back today, I'm glad I stuck it out. I never aspired to be the pretty girl because, if that's all you're known for, then you're going to have a pretty short career."


Keira Knightley boobs nicknamed 'little poached eggs'

Keira Knightley Showing boobsKeira Knightley was left red-faced after the director of her new movie described her boobs as “little poached eggs”.

The ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ actress shed her clothes for John Maybury’s ‘The Edge Of Love’.

But the 51-year-old filmmaker gave the nickname to Keira’s breasts during the film’s DVD commentary.

“I’m sure Keira will be far from happy,” the Daily Star quoted an insider as saying.


Shakira's Dictionary Hits

Shakira's Dictionary HitsShakira used to rely on a dictionary to write songs.

The Columbian singer's first language is Spanish but with many of her songs performed in English, the 'Hips Don't Lie' star struggled to get her lyrics to make sense.

She said: "Writing songs used to be so difficult for me. A few years ago I could barely speak English and I used to write my songs with a dictionary. It was a real labour of love and I would sit there for hours just looking up words. But now thankfully it comes to me more naturally and spontaneously."

forget their troubles by dancing to her up-beat tracks

Shakira recently revealed she hopes her forthcoming untitled album helps people "forget their troubles" by dancing to her up-beat tracks.

She said: "It's very electronic and dance-oriented, club-oriented. It's designed for people to have fun and enjoy themselves and forget about their troubles and the crisis."


Emma Watson's Funny Screen Kiss

Sexy Emma Watson's Funny Screen KissEmma Watson was terrified of laughing during her kissing scene with Rupert Grint.

The 'Harry Potter' actress battled through an urge to burst into giggles when she kissed Rupert Grint for the finale of the wizard film franchise and considers the scene to be one of the movie's most comedic moments.

She said: "We were both really nervous about laughing and not being able to take it seriously.

"It was awkward for both of us because we are like siblings - imagine growing up with someone since you were nine.

"It's strange, but I think Rupert and I both really enjoy doing comedy and getting the chance to do that because a lot of the film is so dark and really serious."

The kiss is the finale. I don't want to give too much away... I don't want to ruin it.

The 19-year-old British starlet - who plays the role of Hermione Granger - recently filmed her final scenes with Rupert for the last wizard movie, 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows'.

Emma says it was nerve-wracking to lock lips with Rupert - who plays Ron Weasley - on camera.

She explained: "We broke the ice by both of us confessing just how nervous we were about doing it, and because we were both in exactly the same boat, we felt exactly the same way about doing it. It was a relief to know we were both going through the same thing.

"The kiss is the finale. I don't want to give too much away... I don't want to ruin it."


Gerard Butler No Sex Symbol

Gerard Butler No Sex SymbolGerard Butler thinks people are "insane" for calling him "sexy".

The Scottish actor - who bulked up for comic book movie '300' in 2007 - finds it weird people want him to show off his toned torso, but he always gives any flesh baring scenes his all.

He said: "I do tend to get asked to take my clothes off in films quite a lot. Trust me, if I could leave my clothes on in a movie, I'd rather do that any time. But if I'm going to get undressed I'm going to do it as well as I can. Whenever I hear people say that's sexy... for the few people that say that, I think, 'Are you insane?' "

I'm in New York right now filming and I'm in heaven

The 39-year-old hunk is rumoured to be dating his 'The Bounty' co-star Jennifer Aniston.

Although neither Gerard or Jennifer are yet to give anything away regarding a possible romance, the actor admits it has been "heaven" working with the former 'Friends' star.

He said: "She is one classy lady. Everyday I go to work with her I'm always surprised about how cool, easy and down to earth and real she is.

"I'm in New York right now filming and I'm in heaven. I can't always say that about movies."


Will Smith's wife talks about steamy limo romp

Will Smith's wife talks about steamy limo rompActress Jada Pinkett Smith and hubby Will Smith had a steamy sex session in the car while on their way to the Academy Awards this year.

In an interview to Shape magazine, Jada revealed, “When you have three kids, you've got to take your opportunities when they come,” reports New York Post.

“In a limo, on the way to the Academy Awards this year, Will started looking at me in this way that drives me wild. We started kissing passionately, and the next thing I knew, well, let''s just say we missed the red carpet and I ended up with almost no makeup on."

This is not the first time Jada has opened up about her adventurous love life with her hunky husband.

She recently claimed having sex at a friend's house keeps relationships alive as does getting intimate in cars or workplaces.

She said: "Be sneaky - your girlfriend's house at a party. The bathroom. A bedroom.

"Think of places outside that are comfortable to have sex.

"Does he have access to his office? Have a fantasy date. Be his secretary! Pull over on the side of the road... Just switch it up.

"Anything like that can keep it going. Anything it takes to keep the flame alive."

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Sarah Harding Puts Plants Before Parties

Sarah Harding Puts Plants Before PartiesSarah Harding has ditched partying for gardening.

The wild Girls Aloud singer, who has moved to the English countryside with her DJ boyfriend Tom Crane, claims she would rather stay at home than attend showbiz events.

She said: "I'm a real homebody now. I love to potter around and chill in the garden. I'm becoming quite house-proud - it's really sad. I don't think I was ever completely wild, though."

I'm a real homebody now. I love to potter around and chill in the garden. I'm becoming quite house-proud - it's really sad. I don't think I was ever completely wild, though.

Sarah, who recently enjoyed a raucous holiday with friends on the Spanish party island of Ibiza, also insists she is "boring" until she has a drink or performs live with her bandmates.

The 27-year-old blonde beauty explained to Britain's Heat magazine: "My lairy side comes out when I'm on stage or out for the night, but behind closed doors, I'm much more chilled out. I watch films and play with the animals. I'm actually quite boring."


Megan Fox tops Most Envied Bodies

Megan Fox tops Most Envied BodiesActress Megan Fox has topped Heat magazine's ‘Most Envied Bodies 2009’ list. The Transformers star was followed by Girls Aloud singer Cheryl Cole, who came second.

"We've always known that Megan Fox is a hit with men, but we were surprised at how quickly she has made an impact on women- they consider her to have the most covetable celebrity body,” the Sydney Morning Herald quoted Julian Linley, editor of the magazine, as saying.

But despite having the most desired body, Megan apparently has a phobia of looking at herself, telling, "I usually don't watch myself, I don't watch playback, I don't look at still photos, I have a phobia of it."

Julian Linley added, "It's really refreshing to see Cheryl Cole beating curvy bikini goddess Kelly Brook to second place, and for the Brits to make the top ten, alongside Jennifer, Angelina, Beyonce and co."

Heat magazine's Top 10 Most Envied Bodies 2009:
1. Megan Fox
2. Cheryl Cole
3. Kelly Brook
4. Beyonce Knowles
5. Angelina Jolie
6. Jennifer Aniston
7. Jessica Alba
8. Jennifer Lopez
9. Katie Price
10. Rihanna

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Jennifer Aniston Picks Up Dog Poo

Jennifer Aniston Picks Up Dog PooJennifer Aniston shoots scenes for her new movie Bounty, helping an elderly woman pick up her dog’s poo in New York City’s West Village on Thursday (July 18).

The 40-year-old actress will take the September 2009 cover of Elle magazine. Jen shows off her pearly whites while wearing a cropped white jacket (the collar is popped and covers her chin). Other September cover stars include Charlize Theron (Vogue), Jessica Simpson (Glamour), Amanda Seyfried (Allure) and Jennifer Lopez (InStyle).


Michael Jackson's Body Moved From Tomb

Michael Jackson's Body Moved From TombMichael Jackson's body has been moved amid fears fans would break into the crypt where it was stored.

The late 'Thriller' star's coffin was taken to a private tomb belonging to Motown records founder Berry Gordy after the memorial service last week, but thousands of people have flocked to the spot since the location was leaked last weekend.

The Jackson family have now moved the coffin to the basement of the main building at Forest Lawn Cemetery - where the singer's private funeral took place - until his final resting place is decided.

A source said: "The Jackson family was not pleased and ordered the casket to be placed in the basement for security reasons."

The Jackson family was not pleased and ordered the casket to be placed in the basement for security reasons.

Michael's sister LaToya Jackson - who supplied information for the star's death certificate - was reportedly responsible for choosing what he wore to be buried in.

The 50-year-old star is believed to have been dressed in black studded trousers, an oversized gold belt and two black gloves. His trademark single white glove was also placed in the coffin with him.

It is believed that Michael's family want him to be laid to rest in his Californian ranch Neverland.

However, his mother Katherine is said to be blocking their wish because she believes it is not what the late star - who moved out of the property when he was acquitted of child abuse charges in 2005 - would have wanted.

Katherine has failed in another bid to be "treated like a third trustee" of the singer's estate, after originally being refused to be legally named as co-administrator last Monday (06.07.09).

Documents filed at Los Angeles Superior Court yesterday (13.07.09) contained details of the dispute but Judge Mitchell Beckhoff signed off papers for the singer's two existing trustees - attorney John Branca and music executive John McClain - to begin doing business on behalf of the estate.

Katherine had been named temporary administrator in the aftermath of Michael's death last month.

A new court date has been set for August 3.

Meanwhile, toxicology results that could help establish the cause of the 'Bad' singer's death may be available this week or early next week, an official from the Los Angeles County Coroner's office has claimed.

It is expected the office will announce they have the results and then release the details the following day.


Jessica Simpson's 'Meddling' Father

Jessica Simpson's 'Meddling' FatherJessica Simpson's father has been blamed for ruining her romance with Tony Romo.

American football star Tony - who split from Jessica last week - reportedly became increasingly frustrated with Joe Simpson's involvement in his daughter's life.

FOX News reports: "Joe's meddling ways most likely took its toll on the relationship, which is the reason why they split the first time 14 months ago. Joe promised he'd take a step back when the couple reunited but he was still too involved.

"At one point Joe was even giving Tony football advice which doesn't go down well."

Tony, who dumped Jessica the day before her 29th birthday, is believed to have been unhappy in the relationship for some time.

A source said: "It was a long time coming, he hasn't really been into her and the relationship for awhile, but stayed together because he didn't want to look like a jerk for not having a better reason to break it off.

At one point Joe was even giving Tony football advice which doesn't go down well

"She is trying to save face by saying that it's because of their busy schedules."

In March, it was alleged Joe - who is also Jessica's manager - was jealous of Tony and believed he was having a negative influence on her career.

A source said: "Joe now feels that Tony has become too much of a distraction for Jessica. Any free time she has, Jessica wants to spend with Tony. But rather than blaming his daughter's work ethic, Joe points the finger at Tony."

The pair began dating in November 2007. Jessica and Tony first met in 2006, when American football fan Joe introduced them.


Sandra Bullock plans to strip in movie roles

Sandra Bullock plans to strip in movie rolesHollywood actress Sandra Bullock plans to strip off in all her future movie roles so she can pocket a bigger salary.

The actress who made her disrobing debut in recent film "The Proposal" got a taste for getting naked in films and says she is sure she'll enjoy a bumper pay day if she keeps taking her clothes off in movies, like fellow comedy actor Will Ferrell, reports

"If you're naked and you're trying to be sexy, you don't really make as much money as if you're naked and you're funny," she said.

"Will Ferrell has been on to that for quite some time. Have you noticed how he drops his trousers in every single film? I'm going to do that from now on," she added.


I am comfortable getting them out - tits are tits

I am comfortable getting them out - tits are tits : Lily AllenLily Allen has said that she has no qualms about showing off her twin assets and is comfortable getting her boobs out.

The singer confessed on her Twitter page that she had no fear in dropping her layers and baring it all.

“I’m comfortable getting them out - t*ts are t*ts.” News of the World quoted her as saying.

The 24-year-old recently posed in just a gold necklace for the latest edition of i-D magazine.

She was said to have covered an unusual feature, a third nipple, with her little finger just below her left breast.

An onlooker said: “Lily enjoyed stripping off. She’s proud of her body.”


Celebrating Michael Jackson pub-crawl style

Celebrating Michael Jackson pub-crawl style While much of New York left town for the sandier, quieter Hamptons scene, a small but dedicated faction of Michael Jackson fans paid tribute to the late singer over the bar-hopping all over Manhattan's East Village and Union Square neighborhoods. Saturday's "King of Pop Pub Crawl" was a mostly frat-tastic affair held at various watering holes where fans came to dance, sing, and drink (natch) in tribute to the late singer.

When the event was first announced on July 1, it caused a stir on the Internet. "This is parasitic gutter PR at its most vile," cried Time Out New York's Feed blog, which redacted the locations from its post, while New York Magazine's Grub Street had a sarcastic, albeit less offended take on the matter. I'm not really sure why there was such an outcry. It's understandable that some people might have seen this as a tacky marketing plot to drum up liquor sales, and it's easy to see why some participants would just use the event as an excuse to wear cheesy fedoras and get drunk in the middle of the day.

But while the event felt not unlike the countless themed frat parties I attended in college (one sunglasses-clad bargoer even brought along a baby doll and a blanket, waving it over the dance floor railing at one bar -- get it?), the mood was largely celebratory. People -- it didn't matter if they were old friends or just met that day -- were just having a good time, whether they were dancing to "Billie Jean" or singing "Man in the Mirror" with the entire bar. Many came dressed in typical Michael Jackson fashion (that is, if Michael Jackson had worn madras shorts) like white gloves, and for the particularly dedicated fans, black fedoras. Some simply jumped up and down to songs like "Don't Stop 'til You Get Enough," while others clearly had spent considerable time at home mastering the King of Pop's nimble footwork. New York resident Nick Lorenzen, 28, was one such bar-hopper. "My buddy is a huge Michael Jackson fan," he said. So where did he get those dance moves? "I don't know; I like to dance, especially Michael Jackson-specific," he said.

What about you, PopWatchers? Was anyone celebrating MJ's life in your hometown?


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