My plan to adopt Chinese Twins : Britney

Britney Chinese TwinsBritish tabloid News of the World claims Britney Spears is planning to adopt twins from China.

The newspaper's Rav Showbiz column announces: "The desperate singer has told friends she's in the final stages of talks with an adoption agency and plans to go ahead with the move very soon.

"Friends feel that Britney has decided to adopt the two six-year-old tots from China in a frantic bid to fill the void left by losing her sons to K-Fed," it continues.

Spears recently lost custody of her children - two-year-old Sean Preston and one-year-old Jayden James- to her ex-husband following a string of alcohol and drug-fuelled exploits and a stint in rehab.

The paper offers no evidence in support of the dramatic claim. But it doesn't stop there, adding that the singer has put a down payment on her own funeral.

Rav quotes a source as saying: "It doesn't seem that Britney has thought this through completely. Adoption and a funeral? The two don't exactly go hand-in-hand."


Penelope Cruz has a secret pastime

Penelope CruzPenelope Cruz's Domino Obsession....

Penelope Cruz has a secret pastime - she regularly hosts star-studded dominoes games at her Hollywood home.

The Spanish star entertains pals Salma Hayek, Daya Fernandez, Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher at games nights, where they all play Mexican Train Dominoes.

And Cruz is the fiercest competitor of them all.

Kutcher reveals, "I've never been called such foul things as when I've played those games with Penelope. Outside the game, she's the sweetest, kindest friend you could have, but inside it, she's a vicious warrior".

Meanwhile in other news Penelope Cruz has been ordered to quit smoking so she can sing in her next movie.

The Spanish actress needs to show off her singing voice in Nine - which is directed by Rob Marshall and also stars Catherine Zeta-Jones and Sophia Loren.

She reveals, "I'm giving them (cigarettes) up because in Nine I have to sing!".


Heidi Klum - Worse Than Upskirt?

Heidi Klum What’s worse than an upskirt? A downskirt. Why? Because it makes her look like a plumber showing their crack and not like someone who just “oops” accidentally showed their naughty bits. HEIDI KLUM apparantly doesn’t own two mirrors, otherwise she would have known what this dress looked like from the back.

Although considering that her ass looks tanned in this photo with barely a tan-line to show for it, she’s obviously not opposed to showing everyone her crack, and probably assumes everyone wants to see it.

I’m not even going to make fun of her saggy back-fat here, because I think that’s probably the least of poor Heidi’s worries in this photo.


Lily Allen is to present her own TV series.

Lily Allen is to present her own TV series.The 'Smile' singer has signed a deal with British satellite channel BBC Three to host her own chat show.

The programme will feature a studio audience comprised solely of people listed as friends on Lily's MySpace web page - which she used to publicise her music at the beginning of her career and which now attracts thousands of visitors to read her blogs.

As well as featuring interviews with celebrities, the show will also include performances by unsigned bands and musicians who will be selected by the audience.

Viewers will then be able to track the progress of the acts via a special website and online social network which are being created for the series.

Lily admits she is thrilled to have been given the opportunity to front her own TV show and can't wait to get started.

She said: "I'm so excited. It's something I intend to have lots of fun with and I have some great ideas."

The as yet untitled series is set to air in early 2008.


Lily Allen's lingerie deal

Lily Allen's lingerie dealLily Allen has been signed up as the new face and body of Agent Provocateur lingerie.

The singer - who recently slimmed down from a UK dress size 12 to a size 8 - will follow in the footsteps of Kate Moss, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Dita Von Teese when her campaign for the company, shot day before yesterday (05.11.07), is released next spring.

An insider said: "The owners of Agent Provocateur, Joe Corre and Serena Rees, are delighted. They feel her natural look will appeal to a lot of women. She's in amazing shape since she lost the weight, and the pictures of her are absolutely incredible."

Lily - who reportedly received a whopping six-figure sum for the deal - has put her weight loss down to hypnosis.

She said recently: "After the hypnotism I want to go to the gym every day otherwise I feel really bad. I just want to get more toned and healthy. I'm really good at the moment - I've never been happier."

And the 22-year-old singer also credited new boyfriend Chemical Brothers star Ed Simons for helping her shed the weight, giggling: "Me losing weight is down to love. I probably shouldn't say the word love, actually. I'm in 'like'. We like each other a lot!"

But Lily insists she will never take her weight loss to extremes and has vowed to always

She said: "I'll never be a size 0 catwalk model. I have absolutely no interest in that, at all."


Cate Blanchett is Pregnant and expecting third baby

Pregnant Cate Blanchett I m pregnant and expecting third baby: Cate Blancheet

The actress, who sparked rumors she was expecting her third child with husband Andrew Upton last month, admits she is thrilled to be with child again.

Speaking at the Sydney premiere of her latest film "Elizabeth: The Golden Age", Cate said on Saturday, "Yes, yes, we're expecting a baby in April, which is very exciting."

Cate said she does not know whether she is expecting a boy or girl yet. The 38-year-old Australian star and her playwright husband already have two sons, five-year-old Dashiell and Roman, three.

Cate first sparked pregnancy rumors after she was photographed sporting what has now been proved to be a baby bump while leaving New York's Guggenheim Museum on October 27.

Cate then kept her stomach hidden under a spectacular sequined dress at the UK premiere of "Elizabeth: The Golden Age" at the London Film Festival On October 23.

The actress' pregnancy news comes as she and her spouse prepare to begin their three-year residence as joint artist directors of the Sydney Theatre Company in January.


Hilary Swank Hair Cut For Charity By Winfrey.

Hilary SwankOscar winner Hilary Swank has received a haircut from talk show host Oprah Winfrey as part of a cancer charity campaign.

The Million Dollar Baby star had been growing her locks long so she could donate them to a cancer sufferer, through hair product giant Pantene's Beautiful Lengths campaign.

The charity push aims to encourage women and men to cut and donate their hair for wigs to aid cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.

During an appearance on U.S. TV's Oprah Winfrey Show, set to air in America on Friday , Swank had nine inches of her flowing hair cut off by the media mogul.

She said, "I've been growing it for the last six months to donate my hair.

I've been taking a lot of vitamins and taking really good care of it, knowing that it would go to a woman in need".

Winfrey added, "It's taken months to get to this moment. It involves a two-time Academy Award winner, a sharp object, and me".


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