Madonna teams up with Minaj for new single

Madonna teams up with Minaj for new singlePop diva Madonna has reportedly enlisted rapper Nicki Minaj to record her comeback track.

The 53-year-old put her music on hold to launch her Material Girl clothing line and direct her latest movie "W.E.", but she is reportedly back in the studio recording new tracks.

The song, which is tentaively titled "Give Me All Your Love", will release next year.



Kaitlin Olson Is Pregnant

Kaitlin Olson Is Pregnant

Kaitlin Olson and Rob McElhenney are expecting their second child.

The actress gave birth to the couple's son, Axel Lee, last year (10) and now the star is pregnant with another boy.

She jokes to, "We’re having a boy! We’re so happy that Axel gets to have a brother so close in age. And that I get to add another set of balls to my very, very male world.

"We found out I was pregnant during my mum‘s birthday weekend in Ojai (California). I was instantly so proud of this baby for already knowing how to make someone else’s special day all about him."

The pair wed in 2008.

The new child will be the latest addition to the It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia stars' onset family - Glenn Howerton and David Hornsby both had kids last month (Sep11), while Charlie Day, who is married to his onscreen love interest Mary Elizabeth Ellis, will become a first-time father in December (11).


Size Zero women less likely to get pregnant compared to obese counterparts

A new study has claimed that skinny women are less likely to become pregnant as compared to their overweight counterparts, including those who are classified as dangerously obese.

According to the researcher, Richard Sherbahn, who is a fertility specialist, the amount of attention being paid to the health risks of being overweight means that the perils of being underweight are being largely ignored, and the problem is being aggravated by the "size zero' culture in girls and young women.

Sherbahn, from the Advanced Fertility Centre of Chicago, crunched the figures on almost 2,500 sessions of IVF carried out at his clinic over an eight-year period.

The women who were examined were divided into three groups by weight, very thin, normal and obese.

Almost 50 percent of those in the normal weight group had babies as compared with 45 percent of those in the obese group, which included women classed as dangerously obese, and just 34 percent of those classed as very thin.

All the women in the three groups produced similar numbers of eggs, and any problems for the very thin women must have occurred at a later stage in the process.

"It could be in evolutionary terms that if people were too thin that maybe food wasn't readily available and maybe it wasn't the best time to reproduce and maybe the uterus wasn't at its best," the Daily Mail quoted him as saying.

"I am no expert on the sociological side of it but I have a teenage daughter and it seems that girls idolise models who are anorexic-looking.

"It seems that the ideal body structure for young women is this overly-skinny physique and women don't understand that there is any concern about that," he said.


British beauty reveals ‘votes for sex’ ordeal

British beauty reveals ‘votes for sex’ ordealAn international pageant turned out to be an ordeal for British beauty queen, Amy Willerton, after she was asked for sex in exchange for votes. Willerton, 19, was forced to flee Miss Asia Pacific World contest in South Korea after three ‘shambolic’ days.

She also claimed that she was sexually assaulted by organisers and sponsors, was fed just one meal per day, and was made to stay in a room with no bed.

“It was absolutely horrendous,” the Daily Mail quoted her as saying.

“I had two of the organisers sexually assault me - one tried to pull my top down.”

“When we posed with sponsors they also tried to stick a hand somewhere inappropriate.”

Willerton was completely aghast to see the atrocious conditions prevailing at the venue.

“Girls were pulled aside and told they knew what they had to do if they wanted to win - we all knew they meant sex.”

When she reported the matter to the police, she was shocked to see officials openly bribing local officers with cash.

After arriving home Amy was disgusted to learn that the eventual winner of the 12,700 pounds first prize was none other than the local entrant, Miss South Korea.

Amy is now looking to launch legal action against the competition organisers.


Scarlett Johansson is too sexy for Dragon Tattoo

Scarlett Johansson is too sexy for Dragon TattooScarlett Johansson might be one of the most sought after actress but it did not help her to fetch the female lead role in Davin Fincher's forthcoming movie The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011). Well, her sex appeal among her fans is the reason behind it.

Director David Fincher believes that Scarlett Johansson is a great actress but she is too sexy for the role of Lisbeth Salander in the forthcoming Hollywood movie. Speaking to the Vogue magazine, he said, “Look, we saw some amazing people. Scarlett Johansson was great. It was a great audition, I'm telling you. But the thing that with Scarlett is, you can't wait for her to take her clothes off.”

The filmmaker explains that his leading lady should look like 'E.T' dolls, which should give the audience the feel of lovability and strangeness. He felt that Rooney Mara has that quality and she could do the justice for the character.

However, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo also features Daniel Craig, Christopher Plummer, Robin Wright Penn, Stellan Skarsgard and others in the cast. The movie will hit the US theatres on December 21.

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Noel Gallagher couldn't repeat debut songs

Noel Gallagher couldn't repeat debut songsNoel Gallagher insists he couldn't write an album like Oasis' debut LP 'Definitely Maybe' again because he no longer relates to the lyrical subject matter.

Noel Gallagher couldn't write an album like 'Definitely Maybe' again.

The 44-year-old rocker insists he wouldn't be able to capture the sentiments of Oasis' debut album now he is older because he no longer relates to the subjects covered on the record.

He said: "I couldn't write a song, an album like 'Definitely Maybe' now because the songs are about being 24 and cigarettes and alcohol and all that, you know.

"And you just don't feel supersonic at 10 past 7 in the morning changing nappies. You know, you just don't, it's as simple as that."

The rocker admits it can be difficult maintaining an audience as success grows because fans can no longer identify with the experiences musicians write about.

He explained: "When you start off, I was 24, your audience is 24, you're all in the same circumstances, you've not yet become a rock star, so that's when the magic happens, when you're writing songs about their life and your life mirrors theirs and visa versa.

"Then, as you go on, you become richer and more famous and all that, and they kind of stay the same, and you kind of lose that magical connection that you had, so you have to write about different things.

"You know, eventually your time passes, and then youth culture changes and something else comes along, you know, that's just the way it works."


Avatar named the most pirated movie of all time

Avatar named the most pirated movie of all timeThe 2009 Hollywood blockbuster ‘Avatar’ is reportedly the most illegally downloaded film of all time.

Website bosses at, who have been investigating piracy in recent months, found that ‘Avatar’ was downloaded an estimated 21 million times.

James Cameron’s sci-fi film was followed by two other major worldwide blockbusters ‘The Dark Knight’ and ‘Transformers’ with about 19 million downloads each, Contactmusic reported.

Here are the Top 5 pirated movies:
1 ‘Avatar’ (2009) – 21 million
2 ‘The Dark Knight’ (2008) – 19 million
3 ‘Transformers’ (2007) – 19 million
4 ‘Inception’ (2010) – 18 million
‘The Hangover’ (2009) – 17 million


Taylor Swift Named Woman of the Year

Taylor Swift Named Woman of the YearShe will be the youngest recipient of the honour.

Taylor Swift has landed another major accolade, being named as Billboard's Woman of the Year.

The country star will become the youngest recipient of the honour, aged 21, when she is recognised at the 2011 Billboard Women in Music event on 2 December in New York City.

Black Eyed Peas' Fergie was last year's Woman of the Year.

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Rihanna Steps out With British Boxer

Rihanna Steps out With British BoxerSexy R&B star Rihanna has sparked rumours of a love match with British boxer Dudley O'SHAUGHNESSY after they were seen enjoying a night out together in London.

The Bajan beauty took her Loud tour to the U.K. this week (begs03Oct11)and spent Thursday night (06Oct11) partying with the sportsman and modelafter reportedly handpicking him to appear in the video for her new single We Found Love.

Sources claim sparks flew between the young stars on the set of the promo, which was shot on an Irish farm last month (Sep11), and they reunitedin the U.K. capital following Rihanna's gig at the O2 Arena.

According to British newspaper the Daily Mail, Rihanna and O'Shaughnessy shared drinks at popular nightclub Mahiki before they were snapped leaving the venue together in the early hours of Friday (07Oct11).

Rihanna has been largely single since splitting from Los Angeles Dodgers baseball star Matt Kemp last December (10).


Shahrukh Khan praises actor Ranveer Singh

Shahrukh Khan praises actor Ranveer SinghBollywood's King Khan, Shahrukh praises the Band Baaja Baarat star Ranveer Singh for his confidence and energy. Shahrukh Khan feels that Ranveer has got that extra zing.

"I think in the film industry among the young boys I find Ranveer very confident. I have met him one or two times recently and he is full of confidence and energy," he said.

While talking about the Big B Amitabh Bachchan, Shahrukh said, "Apart from Amitji's good looks, voice, experience, personality and talent, the greatest virtue I find in him is the immense amount of knowledge he has."

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Love, Lust and HIV on Oprah Winfrey Show

Love, Lust and HIV on Oprah Winfrey ShowIn Tuesday’s episode of the Oprah Winfrey Show on Big CBS Love, five HIV-infected women talks to Oprah about the man who infected them with the deadly disease. They also, unknowingly, shared a partner. Each woman, some of whom are in disguise, dated and slept with Philippe Padieu, a man they describe as handsome and charismatic. Unfortunately, he turned out to be very different from the man he claimed to be.

Diane, a 58-year-old martial arts teacher, was the first to meet Philippe. Diane and Philippe quickly became serious and decided to move in together. When Philippe lost his job, Diane hired him as an instructor at her martial arts studio and started paying for most of his bills. Diane tells Oprah that Philippe's money problems put a strain on their relationship. Eventually, he started pulling. Diane broke up with Philippe when she discovered he was cheating.

A few days later, she went to the gynecologist for a routine exam and found that she was infected with sexually transmitted disease. Knowing that he had cheated, Diane decided to let the other women know that they too might have an STD. As she went back through his phone records, Diane realised the cheating had been worse than she thought. "He was dating nine other women at the time he was dating me," she says.

One of the women Diane called was Susan. "We compared notes, and some of the time that she'd been seeing him, I had been seeing him," Susan says. "Then she said, 'I have an STD, and I am certain that Philippe gave this to me.” After talking to Diane, Susan went to her doctor and got news even worse than she had feared. "I received a phone call after my testing from my doctor and she said, 'You have HIV,'" Susan says.

Later Diane got in touch with Megan, who lived across the street from Philippe and dated him for more than two years. Megan learned she was also infected with HIV and joined the crusade to stop Philippe. Together, the three women took down license plates and followed Philippe for at least six months.

Soon these three women found Sofia and Tricia, both infected by Philippe. Sofia tells Oprah that she never imagined he was cheating. Together these women filed a case against Philippe to stop him from infecting more innocent lives. Today, Philippe is behind the bars and all the women are learning to go on with their lives. "We can't look back. We can't change the past," Diane says. "We only have to look forward, and that's why we're trying to change the future for other women."

Watch these 5 women tell Oprah their horror story and how Philippe changed their lives forever on Tuesday, September 27, 8 pm only on Big CBS Love.


Sick Adele Wechsler Cancels U.s. Tour

Sick Adele Wechsler Cancels U.s. TourBritish soul sensation Adele has cancelled her upcoming U.S. tour as she continues to battle a throat illness.

The Chasing Pavements hitmaker cancelled a string of gigs in her nativeBritain last month (Sep11) as she tried to overcome a chest infection, but she has since taken to the stage to complete her remaining U.K. shows.

However, the strain on her voice has become too much and Adele has now scrapped her 10-date American trek, which was due to kick off on Friday (07Oct11) in New Jersey.

Doctors told the Someone Like You star she needed more time to rest andrecover after diagnosing her with a vocal cord haemorrhage and revealingshe could wreck her voice permanently if she didn't take time to fully recuperate.

In a lengthy post on her website on Tuesday (04Oct11), Adele wrote, "Guys, im (sic) heartbroken and worried to tell you that yet again im experiencing problems with my voice... Singing is literally my life, it's my hobby, my love, my freedom and now my job. I have absolutely no choice but to recuperate properly and fully, or I risk damaging my voice forever. "I have great confidence in believing you know how much this upsets me,how seriously I take it and how truly devastated and annoyed I am by this.

Wanting to do something so bad and not being able to is the most frustrating thing as I'm sure you know! My voice is weak and I need to build it back up.

"I'm gonna be starting up vocal rehab as soon as (possible), and start building my overall stamina in my voice, body and mind. I will be back and I'm gonna smash the ball out the park once I'm touring again. I pologise from the bottom of my heart, sincerely I do".

It's the third time Adele has disappointed American fans - she cited personal family problems for scrapping tour dates in 2008 and a nasty case of laryngitis shut down her North American tour earlier this year (11).


Holly Madison insures her breasts for $1 mn

Holly Madison insures her breasts for $1 mnHolly Madison, the former girlfriend of Playboy founder Hugh Hefner, has reportedly insured her breasts for 1 million dollars.

Madison, 31, said that she insured her famous assets with Lloyd’s of London to protect them while appearing in her Las Vegas production, ‘Peepshow’.

“I’ve heard about people getting body parts insured and I thought, why not? because if anything happened to my boobs, I’d be out for a few months and I’d probably be out a million dollars,” she told People magazine.

“I thought I’d cover my assets,” she added.

Madison, however, also comprehends the quirkiness of it.

“I think it’s kind of funny. I think they’re getting the credit they deserve. They’re my primary money makers right now,” she added.

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