Mila Kunis And Ashton Kutcher 'Practically Living Together'

Mila Kunis And Ashton Kutcher 'Practically Living Together'Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are practically living together.

The couple have yet to confirm they are a couple despite being photographed kissing numerous times and friends say the pair really want to keep how serious their relationship is quiet.

The source told The Sun newspaper: "They're basically living together. Like any new couple in love, they're pretty much joined at the hip. They've been sneaking around for months but there's only so long you can keep it quiet."

Mila recently admitted she finds dating awkward but says it is easier to meet guys who are in the same business.

She explained: "It does sometimes change the dynamic, in the sense that you're more well known and people presuppose more about you because they've seen your work and maybe read things about you.

"But usually you meet people in the same business, so you're not feeling awkward if you or the guy you met has just had a big film out, or whatever."

Mila and Ashton have known each other for over 15 years, having found fame together on 'That 70s Show'.

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Sick Hulk Hogan Undergoes Surgery

Sick Hulk Hogan Undergoes SurgeryWrestling legend Hulk Hogan has undergone surgery on his hip and knee after suffering years of wear-and-tear in the ring.

Hogan underwent the operation earlier this week (begs16Jul12) and has filmed a video from his hospital bed to thank fans for their support as he recovers.

In the footage, uploaded to his page, Hogan is seen reclining in a surgery gown as he eats breakfast.

He says, "Thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers, like brand new brother. They (surgeons) had to break off a couple of bones in the hip bone, knee bone. I'll keep you posted".


Kelly Clarkson Selling 14 acres land

Kelly Clarkson Selling 14 acres landKelly Clarkson is selling her Texas mansion and 14 acres of land for $1.495 million.

Kelly Clarkson is selling her Texas mansion.

The 'Since U Been Gone' singer has put the huge house in Mansfield up for sale with an asking price of $1.495 million.

The property has four bedrooms and six bathrooms, including dual master suites, a theatre room and a gym spread across its 6,880 square feet of living space. It also comes with 14 acres of land.

The 30-year-old singer has modified the house by adding a man-made pond, lap and diving pools, and a treehouse, alongside dog runs and walking trails.

Kelly has previously admitted the house has become like a "rescue ranch" as she is so willing to take in sick and abandoned creatures.

She said: "We have 30 dogs, 14 horses. We still only have three ponies and four minis, but we have goats now, two pigs we rescued called Miss Daisy and Boss Hog, I gave those to my brother."

The house is just 25 minutes drive away from Burleson, Texas, where the 2002 'American Idol' winner grew up.

Kelly also had another property in Nashville, Tennessee, but she wasn't using it enough, so put it on the market in 2010.


Blake Lively Can't Wait to Have Kids

Blake Lively Can't Wait to Have KidsBroody Blake Lively has revealed she dreams of becoming a mother and hopes it happens in the near future.

Blake Lively can't wait to have kids.

The broody 'Gossip Girl' star has nieces and nephews but admitted she would love to soon have children of her own.

She told more! magazine: "I want to be a mum someday. I'm upset that my nieces and nephews aren't my own children. It's something I can't wait for and I'm so excited about."

Blake also revealed her ideal man is someone who can be also be her best friend.

The 24-year-old actress is currently in a relationship with Ryan Reynolds and previously dated 'Gossip Girl' co-star Penn Badgley and she says it is friendship that first attracts her to a guy.

She said: "When I look for a partner there has to be a strong connection. He needs to be my best friend, whether he's macho or sensitive - it doesn't matter. He also has to make me laugh. I enjoy someone who's a lot of fun to be with.

"He also needs to be kind, patient, caring and not take himself too seriously. And of course, he needs to appreciate my cooking! I'm very domestic."


India's Wonder Taj Mahal Took Spot No 15 In CNN's '27 Places To See Before You Die' list

India's Wonder Taj Mahal Took Spot No 15 In CNN's '27 Places To See Before You Die' listThe Taj Mahal, which is a white marble mausoleum located in the Indian state of Agra, has made it on to CNN's global "27 places to see before you die" list.

Cornwall's ruined tin mines have also been named among the world's 27 'must see places before you die' by a top US broadcaster.

Perched on the cliff edge near St Just, Penzance, the mines, have been chosen alongside the likes of the Northern Lights, Sydney Harbour and the Taj Mahal as a must-see destination.

The ruins of the structures which once housed the mining machinery are a "dramatic counterpoint" to the rugged rocks and wild seas of Cornwall's north coast, according to the list by CNN.

"The tin mines may be closed, but the ruins of the structures which once housed them near St Just make a thrillingly dramatic counterpoint to the rugged rocks and wild seas of Cornwall's north coast," the Daily Mail quoted CNN as saying.

The mines are among three places in Britain which made the list, just scraping in at number 27.

Witnessing a starling murmuration at Brighton Pier made number two in the list, while the Lake District made it at number 24.

Topping the list is Borobudur at sunrise in Java, Indonesia, with the Brighton starlings a close second.

Third is the Northern Lights in Scandinavia, followed closely by the great migration in East Africa.

The fifth and six spot is filled by the star-filled sky, in New Zealand and the Torres del Paine in Chile.

Morocco's Djemaa el Fna is in seventh place and California's Yosemite peaks is the eight must see place to see before death.

Number nine is Santa Maria della Salute in Venice, the Jungle pyramids in Mexico is number ten and 11 is the electrical storm in Tornado Alley, USA.

The famous Sydney Harbour comes in at 12, with the inside of Thrihnukagigur volcano in Iceland at 13.

Number 14 is Monument Valley in the US and 15 is India's Taj Mahal.

The Kasanka bat migration in Zambia, Carlsbad Cavern in America, Lunar rainbow in Zambia and Shubenacadie tidal bore in Canada take the 16,17,18 and 19 spots.

Cape Tribulation in Australia, Rock Face City of Petra in Jordan, Enrosadira in Italy and Fairy Chimneys in Turkey take up the spots from 20 to 23.

England's Lake District is at 24, with the Sardine run in South Africa at 25.

The last two spaces are filled by the pristine beaches of Islas Cies in Spain and finally, Cornwall's ruined mines come in at 27.

"There are some things you can see around the world that have the potential to give you photo-showing rights for decades," CNN said.

"We haven't got them all - in fact we barely scratched the surface. But we have picked out a few of the scenes that, if you're lucky enough to witness them, will invariably leave you spellbound," it added.

The 27 sites to see before you die are:
1. Borobudur at sunrise - Java (Indonesia)
2. Starling murmuration - Brighton Pier (England)
3. Northern Lights - Scandinavia
4. The great migration - East Africa
5. Star-filled sky - Mackenzie Basin (New Zealand)
6. Torres del Paine - Chile
7. Djmaa el Fna - Marrakech (Morocco)
8. Yosemite peaks - California (United States)
9. Santa Maria Salute - Venice (Italy)
10. Jungle pyramids - Palenque (Mexico)
11. Electrical storm - Tornado Alley (United States)
12. Sydney Harbour - Australia
13. Inside the Thrihnukagigur volcano (Iceland)
14. Monument Valley - United States
15. Taj Mahal - India
16. Kasanka bat migration - Zambia
17. Carlsbad Cavern - New Mexico (United States)
18. Lunar rainbow - Victoria Falls (Zambia)
19. Shubenacadie tidal bore - Canada
20. Cape Tribulation - Australia
21. Rock face city of Petra - Jordan
22. Enrosadira - Dolomites (Italy)
23. Fairy chimneys - Cappadocia (Turkey)
24. Lake District lakes - England
25. Sardine run - South Africa
26. Pristine beaches of Islas Cies - Spain
27. Cornwall's ruined mines - England


$1m gold and diamond bra on sale in US

$1m gold and diamond bra on sale in USA Birmingham store is selling an 18 carat gold bra encrusted with over 500 carats of diamonds for a whopping 1 million dollars.

The blinged-out lingerie, sold at Birmingham Estate and Jewelry Buyers, was created by storeowner Anthony Aubry, who named it after his wife, Rita.

"If you just have that much money, someone would want it to say 'Oh, I have a $1 million bra,' or some people would put it on display at their house or something, and some people, believe it or not, would actually want to wear it," CBS News quoted Aubry as saying.

According to Aubry, the solid gold brasserie took over three months to design and took a crew of workers almost a year to make.

Aubry said that the major difference between his design and the famed Victoria's Secret million-dollar "Fantasy" bras is that the chain store's showpieces have "fabric in them and the diamonds are kind of imbedded into the fabric."

Aubrey's work of art is solid gold - it has 750 grams of it.

Rampant sex secrets at Olympic village exposed

In the run-up to the 2012 Summer Olympics, which will kick off on 27th July, a new book has revealed just what goes on at Olympic Villages worldwide and no matter which country hosts it, it's always a struggle keeping booze and condoms in strong supply.

According to the anonymously authored expose 'The Secret Olympics', which is written by a former British competitor, organizers supplied 70,000 condoms to athletes at the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, Australia. The stockpile ran out in a week.

While alcohol and drugs are banned at Olympic Villages, competitors often fill water bottles with booze and smuggle in weed and doping agents.

While officials don’t condone such behaviour, they don't condemn it either, and the only thing that matters is that the image of the Olympics remains unsullied.

"What happens in the Village stays in the Village," the New York Post quoted the anonymous author as writing.

Olympic Villages are vast, pre-fab communities, divided into smaller subdivisions by nation.

The United States’ area has a 24-hour McDonald’s, as well as sponsored beer halls – a Budweiser House and a Heineken House.

Everything is free including the unlimited supply of condoms, stamped with sports-specific logos.

Olympians, however, say that the insatiable demand for condoms is a giant practical joke.

"It's a tradition — taking so many that they have to replace them," Todd Lodwick, the 35-year-old-five-time Olympic Nordic combined athlete and a two-time gold medallist, said.

"It's a myth: 'Oh, look at all the sex these Olympians are having!'" he added.

Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Headed For Split

Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Headed For SplitTeen pop star Justin Bieber and girlfriend Selena Gomez have reportedly broken up multiple times in the last few months.

The duo apparently decided to end their relationship last week but have since rekindled and are giving their relationship another try, TMZ reported quoting sources.

Bieber and Gomez's current situation is tenuous and that they are not a "solid" couple, according to sources.

Gomez, 19 and Bieber, 18, have been dating for around a year and a half.

Disney actor Gomez has maintained her squeaky clean image but the Baby hitmaker was involved in a fight with a photographer.

People magazine quoted a source saying that Gomez "was crying about Justin and was upset" during Ashley Tisdale's birthday bash last week.

The couple is yet to address break-up rumors

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Facebook adds married icons for Gay users

Facebook adds married icons for Gay usersFacebook has now made it simple to announce same-sex marriages on the social networking site by rolling out two new icons analogous to the ones heterosexual couples have long used.

Facebook has offered two timeline icons that show two little grooms and two little brides, to represent gay marriage.

Earlier, anybody who got married and announced it on Facebook would find the declaration noted under the icon of a little bride and little groom 'cake topper', regardless of whether the wedding was between a man and a woman or two women or two men.

The new icons had a major debut over the weekend, after a pair of small grooms appeared over the wedding announcement of Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes to his longtime boyfriend Sean Eldridge, The Los Angles Times reports.

According to the report, the new move has received a positive response from the social network's users.

Almost 2,000 people, including Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, hit the like button on the announcement.


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