Lily Allen had no friends in school

Allen had no friends in schoolPopstar Lily Allen has revealed that she didn''t have a single friend in school, and thus the feeling of not having any pals goaded her to make huge number of internet pals. The Not Big hitmaker revealed that she went on to make the most number of "friends" on the MySpace networking site than anyone else in Britain.

"I didn't have a really tough time growing up, but I didn't have any friends at school," The Mirror quoted her as telling Independent magazine.

Lily further revealed that she was delighted to tell her mother that she had made a record of having the largest number of pals in Britain.

"When I still lived with my mum, she came upstairs and I was on my laptop. I said ''Mum, I've got the most friends in the whole of Great Britain,” she said.


Paris Hilton mulling over marriage proposal

Paris Hilton mulling over marriage proposalIt seems Paris Hilton isn't ready to walk down the aisle with her new boyfriend Doug Reinhardt, for the socialite has apparently told her beau that she will "think about" his marriage proposal.

It is being believed that the 28-year-old hotel heiress was less than impressed when her beau got down on one knee and asked for her hand in marriage, reports The China Daily. Reinhardt proposed to her during dinner with her parents Kathy and Rick at The Ivy restaurant in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

Doug, 23, presented Paris with a Lorraine Schwartz engagement ring but instead of jumping for joy, the socialite snapped the ring box shut and said she would need time to consider his marriage offer. Hours before the dinner, Doug had stated on his Twitter page, writing: "I'm
about to do something very exciting and life-changing. I'll announce what happens later."


Madonna reportedly set to adopt again

Madonna reportedly set to adopt againMadonna reportedly set to adopt again
Officials say papers have been filed and pop star is headed to Malawi.

BLANTYRE, Malawi - Madonna is planning to adopt a second child from Malawi, officials said Thursday, but questions have already been raised over whether the newly divorced pop star will face obstacles because of her single mom status.

An official at the Malawi welfare department said Madonna, who is 50 and a mother of three, had filed adoption papers in the southern African country. Another person in Malawi close to the case said Madonna would be there this weekend and a court could hear her adoption case as soon as Monday.

A U.S. government official confirmed that an adoption bid by Madonna, an American, was under way.


20,000 pound bet to seduce David Beckham

20,000 pound bet to seduce David BeckhamIn what may come as a shock to Victoria Beckham, a group of girls in Milan have run a 20,000 pound bet to see who is the first one to seduce football heartthrob David Beckham.

Beckham, who is in the city playing for AC Milan, was recently in news for being the centre of attraction at a high profile charity event where he was surrounded by Italian socialites.

Meanwhile Beckham's wife Victoria is busy bringing up the couple's three young sons in Los Angeles.

Beckham is not aware of the bet, Daily Mail online reported quoting Grazia magazine.

"There is a group of about 20 girls who hang around the Milan nightclubs and bars where the Italian players go to relax. They have decided that the top prize is now David Beckham," a source told the magazine.

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Anna Faris Wants to Marry Beau in 2009

Anna Faris Wants to Marry Beau in 2009Actress Anna Faris and her fiance Chris Pratt are planning a 2009 wedding.

The House Bunny star announced her engagement to actor Pratt in January(09), and the 32-year-old reveals neither wants to wait to tie the knot.

Faris tells Usmagazine, "We're thinking before the end of this year, but we are still sorting that out. "I just don't want anything big or fussy.

I have a good girlfriend who is getting married next month, and she's got 13 bridesmaids.

So that's not quite my style.

"Whatever it is, it is going to require a lot of alcohol".

Faris has been married once before, to actor Ben Indra; a four-year union which ended in divorce in February 2008.

I have a good girlfriend who is getting married next month, and she's got 13 bridesmaids


Wearing Indian bindi makes Nicola feel complete

Wearing Indian bindi makes Nicola feel completeEnglish glamour model Nicola McLean has revealed that wearing an Indian bindi makes her feel complete and extra special. McLean, 25, who is wearing a bindi, which is an Indian piece of jewellery or cosmetic mark, on her forehead, is from Hamilton, Lanarkshire, and she has been the face of top jewellers Rox, who are designing a diamond bindi in honour of this year's tenth Miss Scotland contest.

“The Rox bindi will cost 21,000 pounds. My bindi was just costume jewellery in lookalike rubies and diamonds,” the Sun quoted her as saying.

“But whether it's made of diamonds or glass, wearing a bindi makes a girl feel extra special. I love bindis. When I was growing up in Hamilton, I had an Indian pal and I used to wear hers. It's like a 'finishing touch' when you're all glammed up. I think bindis are lucky and I always feel lucky when I'm wearing one,” she stated.

Rox, who are sponsoring the Miss Scotland contest, are using their top designer Christina Tagore to make the stunning Miss Scotland bindi. “It's made from 18-carat yellow gold, with a stunning, flawless one-carat pear-cut diamond,” Tagore said. “It will be a work of art,” she added.

The bindi is the most fascinating and mystical of all Indian body decoration, and Hindus place great importance on this ornate mark on the forehead between the eyebrows, a major nerve point from ancient times for prosperity and good luck.


Fast Cash Payday Loans Online

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Kerry Katona snorts cocaine every day to deal with marriage failure pain

Kerry Katona snorts cocaine every day to deal with marriage failure painKerry Katona has turned to drugs to blot out the pain of her failing marriage to Mark Croft, it has emerged.

According to a pal, the former Atomic Kitten star is snorting life-threatening mounds of cocaine everyday, reports the News of the World.

The pal said that the mother of four young children star also binges on amphetamines and anti-depressants.

And their destructive relationship has taken her to the brink of suicide as well, the pal added.

Katona told friends: “Cocaine is the only way I can function. It’s the only way I can get this sorted.”

A pal said: “Kerry is completely addicted to drugs. It is worse than ever and she is close to the edge. She takes them all day every day. She simply can’t cope without her fix.”

Katona, previously outed as a cocaine-user by her own mother Sue, claimed that she has been clean of drugs since she recovered from her split with former husband Brian McFadden, the father of her eldest children Molly, seven, and Lilly-Sue, six.

However, friends have revealed she has been dependent on cocaine since June last year following the death of her stepdad Arnie Ferrier.

One said: “When he died it really affected her and she turned to drugs then. It’s tragic. Kerry doesn’t have an off button.”

Pals revealed Katona’s cocaine intake rocketed earlier this month after a confrontation with Croft about her financial situation.


Love keeps Aamir Khan going

Love keeps Aamir Khan goingWe caught up with Aamir Khan on his 44th birthday at his Pali Hill residence. Aamir, who has been on a diet for his forthcoming film 3 Idiots, avoided eating his own birthday cake! When queried he said, “I am surviving on milk and few bananas as I have been asked to lose weight for the role.”

About the war of words ensued between him and Shahrukh Khan, Aamir clarified, "I only wish the best for him. There is no bad blood between me and him."

On having been slotted in the number one position today the actor cum director said, “I have been plain lucky that God has bestowed me with so much success. I just believe in working sincerely and entertaining my audiences. Actually, I like to do things superbly and success follows later. I believe in excellence and giving the best from what I have. There is nothing that can supersede sincerity and hard work. In fact success will knock at your door when you put your heart and soul into it. One should never run after success. Work with sincerity and success will follow.”

Having reached the top Aamir is also considered the most powerful actor in Bollywood today. “Power is something that every person has. It doesn’t matter how much strength or power you have; what matters is how you use it. I recently went to an awards function where real heroes were honoured. These are unknown people from different walks of life. They are ordinary people doing extraordinary and inspirational work. There is a 70 year old woman who sells vegetables but at the same time she is running a medical clinic for free. Just imagine how she does it. They are ordinary people who are not famous or rich but they are contributing to society and helping people. That is amazing and that is true power. I am a rich man with a lot of fame but I am only using it to my own advantage and not helping anyone; so my power is of no use. Power makes sense when you help other people and contribute to society.” Aamir added.

On missing the Oscars for his Taare Zameen Par the actor said, “I feel the international audiences have a different thought process. The movies they cater to also have a different flavour. It is nice that they have liked Slumdog Millionaire the film has allured their perception. It is fine with me because Taare Zameen Par was appreciated by the audiences here as well by the international audience. My award is the love of my audiences. They have liked my film and that’s more than enough for me. Awards are not the ultimate. I wish to do a good and variety of films. I only do the things that make me happy. I think that has worked for me. Because I am happy doing what I do, I do it to the best of my ability. I want to continue walking on this road of happiness and make other people happy through my films and work.”

Finally when asked what keeps him going, Aamir with an impish smile said, “Love. It is that one thing in my life which is keeping me go. Health, care and love are three things, which everyone should crave for. We all know wealth cannot buy health. So, I care for my health. Also I pray to the almighty for the good health of one all. I eat well and my diet is balanced and most importantly I drink a lot of water. I try to be happy.”


Scientific software proves Monica Belluci has the perfect pout

Monica Belluci has the perfect poutOne of life’s big questions: who has the best lips, Angelina Jolie or Scarlett Johannson?, has been finally answered with the help of scientific precision.

And the winner is. Italian actress and fashion model Monica Belluci who scored perfect marks for 'Lip Attractiveness'.

An American biometrics specialist has developed lip-reading software, which uses a scientific formula to rate lips on a 10-point attractiveness scale.

The Baileys Lip Attractiveness Software is the brainchild of 'Lipologist' Dr Kendra Schmid.

The formula analyses lip proportion, size, fullness, texture, colour and shape.

Although, both Jolie and Johansson scored high on the global top lips list, it was Belluci who took away the first spot.

Bellucci achieved a 10 for lips that are full, smooth and ideally proportioned so that the height of her lips is two-thirds the width.

Johannson scored second with 9.66, Halle Berry third with 9.61, Beyonce Knowles scored a 8.65, and Angelina Jolie rounded out the top 5 with 7.89.

"This is a world first in biometrics; using formulas to objectively score lips according to the characteristics of size, shape, texture and colour," quoted Schmid, as saying.

The top five are:
1 Monica Belluci
2 Scarlett Johannson
3 Halle Berry
4 Beyonce Knowles
5 Angelina Jolie is the perfect pout

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Britney Spears secretly dating her manager

Britney Spears secretly dating her managerPop princess Britney Spears is making a great comeback not only with her career but life also, and reports now suggest that she has been secretly dating her manager Jason Trawick.

According to E! Online, Spears, 27, has been on a few dates with her long-time talent manager, Trawick, 37, reports the New York Daily News.

Trawick has been present at the Toxic singer’s first four shows of her Circus tour, and the two have reportedly been spending time together away from the work place as well.

Though both their representatives have declined to comment, Trawick's assistant at William Morris Agency has confirmed that he has been travelling with Spears on the tour.

But an insider on the Spears team insists that the singer has a “close professional relationship” with Trawick, and that it is “ridiculous” to suggest the pair is “romantic”.


Mischa Barton has no qualms about stripping onscreen

Mischa BartonMischa Barton has no qualms about dropping her clothes onscreen if the script requires it.

The 23-year-old actress, who has previously shed her layers in 2006's ''The Oh in Ohio'' and 2009s ''Closing the Ring'', revealed what mattered more was the way nudity was handled, reports ‘China Daily’.

She said: "Doing nudity doesn't bother me. It all comes down to whether I trust the director or not."

The former ‘O.C.’ star added that her parents, on the other hand, had their reserves about her profession.

She added: "My mom and dad are still a bit confused and cautious about what I do.

"My dad is a stockbroker who studied law and economics and his dad was a politician. But I know him and my mom are still very proud of me."


Sarah Jessica Parker's Cream Query

Sarah Jessica Parker's Cream QuerySarah Jessica Parker says wrinkle creams should be called "retard ageing" moisturisers.

The 43-year-old star is addicted to buying face lotions which claim to prevent lines from appearing, but accepts she may be fighting a losing battle.

She said: "I use any skincare that says it is for fine lines and wrinkles. They are actually so fine, you can't see them. Just kidding!

"It is kind of funny because the only reason you buy it is because you are ageing, so the anti bit, I feel there should be a different name. More like 'retard ageing' or 'stop it'. Something should be called 'stop it'!"

I just wash it, condition it and do as little as possible to torture it.Sarah Jessica Parker

The 'Sex and the City' actress, who is widely recognised as a fashion icon, also revealed she takes great pleasure from not styling her curly locks when she isn't working.

She added to InStyle magazine: "My hair mostly doesn't look good, but I don't care. It is very liberating when you are not working and you don't have to look presentable and pay attention to that.

"I just wash it, condition it and do as little as possible to torture it."


Pamela Anderson Pops Out on Paris Runway

Pamela Anderson Pops Out on Paris RunwayFormer Baywatch babe Pamela Anderson gave an eyeful to those attending the Vivienne Westwood show when her boob popped out of her dress.

The actress strutted down the ramp while modelling for the designer’s 2009-2010 ‘ready-to-wear’ collection in Paris.

The busty blonde showed off different looks including a tutu-inspired outfit and a peculiar blend of tight jacket, shorts, socks and killer heels.

The former 'Baywatch’ star, who is the face of the Brit Vivienne’s current campaign, was hailed as the 'muse' behind the new clothes.

“We have done the casting around Pamela,” the Sun quoted co-designer and husband Andrea Kronthaler as saying. “I think the feeling is of playgirls, but not in the bodies. It''s not like that necessarily. It's an attitude,” he added.


Shilpa ends war with Preity

Shilpa ends war with PreityStories of the two IPL queens battling it out on the playing field and on television
came to a sudden turning point this week when Shilpa Shetty extended an olive branch to her supposed rival in the IPL Preity Zinta.

Shilpa and Raj Kundra are hosting a grand party to celebrate their entry into the IPL on March 10 at the Grand Hyatt. And Preity is invited.

Says Shilpa, "I really want these unsavoury rumours about our rivalry to end. On an impulse I sent a sms to Preity inviting her for the party that Raj and I are hosting."

Shilpa was pleasantly surprised when Preity replied back. "She said she'd love to come. But can't because she'd be out of town. I think that just about takes care of that. I'm sure we'll have other occasions to interact. For now it's enough that she accepted my invitation."

Shilpa thinks these rivalry stories are unnecessary. "We're both well brought-up girls. We were even together in the Bachchans' world tour. And we got along fine. We don't need to be seen as these warring women at all, please."

About the party on the 10th Shilpa says, "It's been a while since Raj and I had friends share in our happiness. The IPL deal is a good occasion to have a get-together. We're inviting all our friends."

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Michael Jackson Announces Last UK Shows

Michael Jackson Announces Last UK ShowsMichael Jackson has announced his "last ever" London shows.

The singer kept thousands of fans waiting for several hours before taking to the stage in the UK capital's O2 arena today (05.03.09) to confirm a 10-night residency at the venue in July.

Appearing on stage for around three minutes, Michael - clad in a black military style jacket and sunglasses - said: "This is it. I just want to say that these will be my final show performances in London.

I love you so much. This will be it. When I say this is it, it really means this is it. I'll be performing the songs my fans want to hear. This is the final curtain call.

"I love you so much. This will be it. When I say this is it, it really means this is it. I'll be performing the songs my fans want to hear. This is the final curtain call."

Prior to appearing on stage, British TV presenter Dermot O'Leary had introduced a short video clip of the 50-year-old 'Thriller' star's biggest hits, which was met by rapturous cheers from the fans who had flocked to get a glimpse of their idol.

It was not made clear if Michael, 50, plans to take his stage show anywhere else when his London residency ends.

Tickets for the shows - which open on July 8 - go on sale on March 13 priced between £50 and £75.

A website,, where fans can register for a pre-sale crashed within an hour of the announcement.


Katrina seeks help from Kareena

Katrina seeks help from KareenaKat got your tongue? Well the actress has been bonding with new buddy Kareena. Yes, Katrina Kaif has not only mended bridges with one-time archrival Kareena Kapoor, she's also taking fitness tips from her!

Says a source, "The cold war between Kareena and Katrina is a thing of the past. The two bonded at Amrita-Ladak's wedding brunch on Wednesday, chatting about everything from their films to designer outfits and how to maintain a fit and fab body without dieting.

In fact, they were so engrossed in catching up that they even made their beaus, Saif and Sallu jealous. Bebo and Kat do different films, which is perfect for them as there's no competition."

When asked about their special dosti, Kareena says, "Katrina's a sweetheart! We had a blast together at Amu's wedding. She's one actress who is true to herself. That's why I am fond of her."

Katrina Kaif too admits to taking advice from Kareena since last year on having a healthy body. Says Katrina, "We had great fun at Amu's party. Bebo is very sweet and supportive of me. She is my inspiration on how to have a fab, healthy body. It all started last year when I got injured on the sets of De Dhana Dhan and suffered a blood infection. The whole illness left me feeling tired and drained. I was also having over 1500 mg worth of antibiotics so I could recover faster. When I went home to London for Christmas, I was listless and lethargic and could hardly move around."

After her antibiotics ran out (on December 31), Katrina decided to do something about getting a fitter body.

"I hired a trainer who'd help me tone my body, started eating food sent by micro-biologist Sonali Sabharwal and also called up Kareena to help me out. Kareena inspires me. She was more than kind and gave me tips on how to have a healthier body."

Kat also got herself a trainer. "I started training under Yasmin Karachiwala. Now I work out regularly for at least an hour every day. My trainer also accompanies me to my outdoor shoots. It's not about losing weight but doing exercises that make me fitter. I do cardio, functional training which doesn't focus on one part of the body part or weights, and sometimes mix strength training with cardio."

Food for Katrina has also become simplified today. "I have stopped eating chicken completely. I have food from Sonali's. The best thing about the food is that the menus are different every day so one doesn't get bored. It's healthy and gives energy. Currently, I'm shooting for Rajkumar Santoshi's Ajab Prem Ki Gajab Kahani and take the food with me. I can't eat unit food."

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Pamela pops out boobs at Vivienne Westwood

Pamela pops out boobs at Vivienne WestwoodFormer Baywatch babe Pamela Anderson gave an eyeful to those attending the Vivienne Westwood show when her boob popped out of her dress. The actress strutted down the ramp while modelling for the designer’s 2009-2010 ‘ready-to-wear’ collection in Paris.

The busty blonde showed off different looks including a tutu-inspired outfit and a peculiar blend of tight jacket, shorts, socks and killer heels. The former 'Baywatch’ star, who is the face of the Brit Vivienne’s current campaign, was hailed as the 'muse' behind the new clothes.

“We have done the casting around Pamela,” the Sun quoted co-designer and husband Andrea Kronthaler as saying. “I think the feeling is of playgirls, but not in the bodies. It''s not like that necessarily. It's an attitude,” he added.


Nicole Kidman stunned by Keith`s nude Playgirl photo

Nicole Kidman stunned by Keith`s nude Playgirl photoHollywood actress Nicole Kidman was knocked down with a feather when she recently saw her husband Keith Urban's age-old nude 'Playgirl' photo shoot. Keith revealed that his wife was bowled over after she saw the venerable pictures, reports the China Daily.

"Nicole was impressed with the shots. It was spread over two pages and had staples in all the right places!" Keith told Britain's New! Magazine.

Keith, who has a 7-month-old daughter, Sunday Rose with Nicole, revealed that he was not that comfortable posing naked being a father. "I am a dad and a totally different person now,” Keith said.

However, he revealed that if he found the offer convincing he would go ahead, as Nicole was not against it. He even said that Nicole herself wanted to pose naked at the time she was expecting their daughter.


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