Marilyn Monroe's wedding ring & nude painting up for grabs

Monroe's wedding ring & nude painting up for grabsLegendary Hollywood actress Marilyn Monroe's wedding ring and a nude painting are being put up for auction in December.

The 35 baguette-cut diamonds ring was given to the 'Gentlemen Prefer Blondes' star by legendary New York Yankees baseball player, Joe DiMaggio on their wedding day in 1954.

The starting bid for the ring is reported to start at 300,000 dollars, Contactmusic reported.

Initially the 'Profiles in History' auctioneers had decided to highlight the Icons of Hollywood sale with the ruby slippers, which Judy Garland wore in 'The Wizard of Oz', but now they have gone ahead with more than they had earlier planned.

A naked painting of the tragic movie icon when she was young by Earl Moran in the 1940s has also been added to the celebrity memorabilia auction cart, bids for which are set to start at 70,000 dollars.


arnold schwarzenegger Orders 3 Bronze Statues Of Himself

arnold schwarzenegger Orders 3 Bronze Statues Of HimselfThe former governor of California has commissioned a series of statues of himself to remind the world how he looked in his muscle-bound prime.

The 64-year-old has requested the creation of at least three larger-than-life bronze creations which will stand 8ft tall and weigh 580lbs.

They will be based on a smaller sculpture created in 1980, the year Schwarzenegger won his seventh Mr Olympia title.

The statues all depict him in a classic body-builder pose and have been super-sized to ‘heroic’ scale, which is one-and-a-quarter times life size.

The first of them will be shipped to a museum dedicated to Schwarzenegger's life at his childhood home in Thal, Austria.

A second will be sent to Columbus, Ohio, where the Schwarzenegger-inspired Arnold Fitness Weekend is held annually.

Schwarzenegger himself will keep the third one but he has discussed the possibility of commissioning four more, said Tim Parks, the owner of Oregon-based TW Bronze, which is making the statues.


Factors that influence sex appeal in men & women

Factors that influence sex appeal in men & womenA wealth of scientific studies have uncovered the factors which claim to influence sex appeal, for both men and women.

Here are some of things that attract a woman to a man, according to People Magazine.

1. Deep voice: According to a new survey from the University of Aberdeen, women find men with lower-pitched voices more memorable.

2. Feminine-looking men: Another study from the University of Aberdeen found that women in the developed world now prefer more feminine-looking men with full lips and delicate cheek bones – as opposed to a square jaw, low brow and muscles associated with traditional manliness.

3. Wearing red: A study from the University of Rochester and University of Munich revealed men wearing red are more attractive, desirable and are seen as having a higher status in the eyes of women.

4. Powerful or moody: Researchers from the University of British Columbia in Canada said women are least attracted to smiling, happy men, instead preferring those who look proud and powerful or moody.

5. Scars: A survey published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences found facial scars increase women’s rating of men’s attractiveness in the short-term.

And things that claim to influence sex appeal in women include-

1. Wearing red: Two University of Rochester psychologists found women wearing red capture men’s attention and make them feel amorous – though they are unaware of the effect.

2. Stop being funny: Men find very funny women a turn-off and are even intimidated by them, a project from three leading American universities claimed.

3. Full lips: A Manchester University study concluded that women with fuller lips and/or wearing lipstick are more attractive to men

4. Brown or black hair: Contrary to traditional belief, a recent study from the social network site Badoo concluded that men prefer brown or black hair to blondes.

5. Long arms: Researchers at the University of New South Wales in Sydney found women with long arms were perceived as more attractive than those with long legs.


Snoop Dogg turns pimp

Snoop Dogg turns pimpSnoop Dogg has signed upcoming Hollywood movie The Legend of Fillmore Slim. The actor will be seen as a notorious pimp in the film, which is produced by Ames Universal and SRI Entertainment.

The rapper will be seen in the role of blues guitarist Fillmore Slim in the biopic The Legend of Fillmore Slim. “This film will span decades, from Slim’s emergence as a musician, to his fascination with the fast life, through his years of incarceration and his redemption.” The production house says.

Fillmore Slim was a pimp in San Francisco before turning a blues singer and guitarist. He was called by nicknames as The West Coast Godfather of the Game and The Pope of Pimping. His real name is Clarence Sims.


Cheryl Cole has crush on Cameron Diaz

Cheryl Cole has crush on Cameron DiazPop singer Cheryl Cole has admitted that she has a crush on Hollywood actress Cameron Diaz, after the singer shot some scenes with her for the movie ‘What To Expect When You’re Expecting’.

Cole, 28, comes in as a special appearance in the movie, as she plays a judge for a talent show along with Diaz, and it has been reported that the singer has developed a soft spot for the actress.

“Cameron is amazing, honestly I’ve got such a girl crush on her. She’s such an amazing woman. It’s just so good to be doing new stuff,” Contactmusic quoted her as saying.

After working with Diaz, the Girls Aloud singer now wants to work more alongside the blonde actress or anything that involves acting.

“I never had the confidence to do acting before, and I’ve said I could probably play myself quite well. It was brilliant, we’ll see what happens next,” Cole said in an interview with being the judge for ‘The X Factor’, Cole has been been switching careers from designing shoes to her recent love for acting.

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Fabulous ball guest Prince Albert

Fabulous ball guest Prince AlbertMonaco's Prince Albert and Princess Charlene were ''fabulous'' guests at a recent charity ball in Yorkshire, North England.

Monaco's Prince Albert and Princess Charlene were "fabulous" guests at a lavish ball.

The newlyweds agreed to attend the Variety Club's Golden Jubilee Ball at Harewood House, Yorkshire, North England, as guests of honour and thrilled organisers with their willingness to get involved in festivities.

Club committee member Diana White told Britain's Hello! magazine: "They were fabulous. We couldn't have asked for more.

"They danced, sang and joined in the auction.

"They had great fun and were really happy and relaxed together. It was their first event in the UK since their wedding and a bit of a coup for the North."

Almost 40 years ago, Albert's parents, Prince Ranier and Princess Grace attended a similar event and the prince told the invited guests he was delighted to have followed in their footsteps.

He said: "39 years ago, my parents attended your ball as your guests of honour, in the presence of Cary Grant, Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Michael Caine and Roger Moore.

"With Princess Charlene, we're really moved and happy to be the guests of honour at this Summer Ball.

"I wish a long life to your children's charity and raise my glass to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, to the success of your activities and to the friendship between the United Kingdom and the Principality of Monaco."

The ball raised around £250,000 for the charity.

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Lady Gaga goes commando on NY street‎

Lady Gaga goes commando on NY street‎Lady Gaga was pictured going commando while posing for photographers in a front-slit dress on a New York street.

The 25-year-old singer was seen in all-red attire, accessorised with crazy sunglasses, gloves and sky-high stilettos, forgetting one important detail - her underwear, the New York Daily News reported.

Gaga flashed it all to the photographers and her fans, leaving very little to their imagination in a red latex dress on the streets in Manhattan, also revealing a racy piercing.

This is not the first time that the 'Poker Face' singer has become a victim to one of the biggest fashion faux pas, the previous one being at the CFDA Fashion Awards red carpet in June, where the singer wore a strapless Mugler gown that couldn't hold down her breasts.


Kylie Minogue grateful to parents

Kylie Minogue grateful to parentsKylie Minogue has revealed her parents are among the few people who don't constantly ask her when she plans to have kids.

Kylie Minogue's parents are among the few people who don't pressure her about having children.

The 43-year-old singer - who has been dating Spanish model Andres Velencoso for three years - is sick of people asking her when she plans on having kids but is grateful her parents aren't trying to force her to become a mother.

She told YOU magazine: "I hate the question, 'So when are you going to have children?' But amazingly I have never heard it from my mum or dad. They never put pressure on any of us. For a while it looked liked it would never happen for us all and then boom, boom, boom.

"The only answer I have is, 'If it happens for me - beautiful.' I'll have to wait and see. I love children and I love the thought of having a family. And Andres is really good with kids."

While Kylie hasn't ruled out having children in the future, for now she is content to dote on her nephews.

She said: "Don't get me started talking about my nephew. My brother Brendan's son Charlie is five now and his little brother James is two and Dannii's boy Ethan is one. They all came to see my show in Melbourne and I could see them from the stage. I kept looking over to see if they were still there."

Although Kylie calls herself a "serial monogamist", she admitted she is reluctant to settle down and tie the knot.

She explained: "I don't like to be boxed in. Maybe that feeling has affected my attitude to marriage. But it isn't about fearing a commitment - I am committed. I'm a serial monogamist and I have never run off. It's just that I need to be able to breathe."


Winslet hates n-de scenes

Winslet hates n-de scenesActress Kate Winslet thinks flashing flesh in front of a camera is a bizarre and unethical thing to do.

The Oscar-winning actress who has given nude scenes in "Titanic" and "Mildred Pierce" says she hates nude scenes, reports

"I hate it! Listen, make no mistake, I just get on it. If you complain about it or procrastinate it's not going to go away. It's a profoundly bizarre thing to do," she said.

"As actors you talk about it all the time. You can literally be tangled in sheets, and you turn to the other actor and say, 'What are we doing?' 'Dear Mum, at work today I had so-and-so's left nut sack pressed against my cheek'. It's sort of unethical if you think about it in those terms," she added.

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James Bond film gets permission to shoot in India

James Bond film gets permission to shoot in IndiaThe bosses of next James Bond movie, which has been tentatively titled Bond 23, have got permission to shoot in India. According to reports, the Union Information and Broadcasting Ministry of India has allowed the producers to film it in different parts like Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Goa.

It was reported earlier that the shooting location of Daniel Craig starrer Bond 23 would be changed from India to South Africa as the producers have not got permission from Indian Govt. But the latest reports suggest that the I&B ministry has permitted India Take One Productions to shoot the latest Bond film in India.

However, Sam Mendes directed movie has got clearance from the government for shooting in Sarojini Nagar Market, Daryaganj street and Ansari Road in the national capital New Delhi and a few areas in North Goa and Ahmedabad.


Men 'more willing to have sex with stranger than women'

Men 'more willing to have sex with stranger than women'Eight out of 10 men would bed an attractive stranger if she offered them no-strings sex, but women are much pickier if they are propositioned by blokes, scientists have claimed.In an experiment, the scientists found that when men were approached by gorgeous female strangers in the street, 97 percent agreed to go back to their apartments while 83 percent said yes to instant sex, the Daily Star reported.However, when average-looking girls asked the question, 80 percent of blokes agreed to go back for a drink while 60 percent immediately agreed to a romp.But when men propositioned women only one of the 120 girls agreed to sex.Scientists say the findings are more proof of the difference between the sexes."Men are apparently more eager for sexual activity than women are," the Daily Star quoted French psychologist Nicolas Gueguen as saying."Men were more willing to go to an unfamiliar female’s apartment and to sleep in an unfamiliar female’s bed than females were in response to the same two propositions," he stated.The results of Dr Gueguen’s study have been published in the journal Archives of Sexual Behaviour.


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