Now, Madonna in £1million Sex-Tape Scandal

Madonna Sex Tape Scandal
As if reports about an affair with baseball star Alex Rodriguez were not enough, Madonna now has to deal with a cameraman who claims that he has in his possession a sex tape of the pop icon and A-Rod.

The cameraman is willing to sell the tape to the highest bidder, with the selling price starting at a whopping 1 million pounds.

The footage, he claims, was shot with a hidden camera in an apartment Madge and Rodriguez used for clandestine trysts in the afternoon.

But legal experts say that the plan could backfire for the man himself, for he could end up facing prosecution for voyeurism and burglary, reports the Daily Star.

One expert said: “If footage was obtained in this way it would be an outrageous invasion of privacy.”

“But more than that he would not have had his friend’s consent to install the camera and must have entered the apartment without approval to hide it. That is burglary.

“He would be prima facie guilty of voyeurism. Instead of making a million he’d be going to jail for a few years. Even if the video existed it would probably be seized by the courts.”

Madonna’s lawyers in the meantime have said that they are “aware” of the claims but are not commenting.


Winehouse Snub's Quit Smoking Plea

Smoking WinehouseAmy Winehouse upset her father Mitch by smoking on stage just hours after he begged her to quit.

The Back To Black star sang to the 80,000 strong crowd at Scotland's T in the Park festival on Sunday (13Jul08) while swigging alcohol and smoking.

It came just hours after her dad Mitch made an emotional plea on British TV, urging those close to the star to stop providing her with drugs and cigarettes.

Mitch, who has fallen ill himself trying to cope with his wayward daughter's problems, went on to ask the singer to quit tobacco because of "a small amount of emphysema in her lungs".

He also warned her death would not come from drugs, but from smoking, and told her it would be "a long, slow, painful death" in a bid to shock her into quitting all her addictions.

He says, "I want people to understand - even if they give her one cigarette they're causing her harm.

"She has a small amount of emphysema in the top of her lungs. It's negligible, but it could lead to something a lot more serious".


Rihanna Won't Pose Nude for Playboy

Rihanna Won't Pose Nude for PlayboyBarbadian singer-model Rihanna says that she will never pose naked for Playboy because she fears her mother will kill her if she did so.

The 'Umbrella' singer said that she was not shy about stripping off for work, but still she would never want to do a photo shoot in the buff.

"I am only 20 so my mother would kill me if I posed nude!," British tabloid The Sun quoted her as saying.

The star also said she did the metallic body paint stuff for her video, and not to show her body.

"I didn't do it for people to like me. I did it because it was a cool visual, unexpected, and it looked hot," she said.

"I have done a lot of photo shoots for magazines but it's always great to be shot for a cover because you know that you are looked at as a fashion icon," she added.


Love Kills Slowly: Ashley Tisdale in bikini

Ashley Tisdale in bikiniAshley Tisdale was making a statement of sorts when she was chilling on the beach with boyfriend Jared Murillo. She was wearing a Ed Hardy bikini which clearly shouted out loud – Love Kills Slowly literally. The bikini had Love Kills Slowly as a part of the design. The star has turned 23. On the silver screen High School Musical 3 is awaiting a Oct 24 debut. Meanwhile Ashley has her They Came From Upstairs in a film titled They Came From Upstairs.

But it seems that Ashley will not be departing from a Disney mode of functioning as this film will so be about kids this time who battle aliens. The director of the film is John Schultz. Ashley also has a solo album coming up. So I guess this a well pre deserved break for Ashley.


Angelina Jolie In Hospital

Angelina Jolie In Hospital.Angelina Jolie has checked into a Nice, France hospital where she will remain until she gives birth to twins.

The actress has been living with partner Brad Pitt, their children and assistants in an exclusive wine resort in Provence, France since the beginning of the summer.

Jolie admitted herself into the Lenval Hospital in Nice on Monday (30Jun08), and is said to be doing fine, according to a hospital representative.

Nadine Bauer, the spokeswoman for the hospital, says the actress had planned her move into the maternity ward for some time and that everything is going well.

Bauer says, "The visit has been planned for a long time, there are no complications. She is just resting".

Jolie's twins are expected to be delivered by Michele Sussmann, who is reportedly set to fly to France from the U.S. later this week (beg30Jun08).

The actress has three adopted children and a natural child with Pitt.

News she was pregnant with twins was confirmed at the Cannes Film Festival in May (08) when Jolie's Kung Fu Panda co-star Jack Black revealed all during a TV interview.


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