Heidi Klum named 'Most Dangerous Celebrity' on the web

Heidi Klum named 'Most Dangerous Celebrity' on the webHeidi Klum has replaced Cameron Diaz as the most dangerous celebrity to search for on the Web, according to Internet security company McAfee. For the fifth year in a row, McAfee researched popular culture’s most famous people to reveal the riskiest celebrity athletes, musicians, politicians, comedians and Hollywood stars on the Web. The McAfee Most Dangerous Celebrities™ study found movie stars and models top the “most dangerous” list this year while singers and sports stars are among the safest.

Cybercriminals often use the names of popular celebrities to lure people to sites that are actually laden with malicious software. Anyone looking for the latest videos or pictures could end up with a malware-ridden computer instead of just trendy content.

Fans searching for “Heidi Klum” or “Heidi Klum and downloads,” “Heidi Klum and ‘free’ downloads,” “Heidi Klum and photos” and “Heidi Klum and videos” are at risk of running into online threats designed to steal personal information. Clicking on these risky sites and downloading files like photos, videos or screensavers exposes surfers or consumers to the risk of downloading the viruses and malware.

McAfee research found that searching for the latest Heidi Klum pictures and downloads yields more than a 9% chance of landing on a website that has tested positive for online threats, such as spyware, adware, spam, phishing, viruses and other malware.

The study uses McAfee SiteAdvisor software that provides ratings that indicate which sites are risky to search for celebrity names on the Web and calculate an overall risk percentage. The top 10 celebrities from this year’s study with the highest percentages of risk are:

1. Heidi Klum – Klum, the former Victoria’s Secret model and current producer of “Project Runway” moved up from #10 on last year’s list to #1 today. Searching for Klum results in nearly a one in ten chance of landing on a risky site.

2. Cameron Diaz – 2010’s Most Dangerous Celebrity fell to 2nd place, with searches resulting in slightly fewer risky sites this year. She has most recently been in the spotlight with her 2011 movies “Bad Teacher” and “The Green Hornet.”

3. Piers Morgan – A new addition to the top 10 list, Morgan also the most dangerous male celebrity. He is best known as the host of “Piers Morgan Tonight,” taking over for Larry King, a winner of the “Celebrity Apprentice,” and one of the judges on “America’s Got Talent.”

4. Jessica Biel – 2009’s Most Dangerous Celebrity fell one more spot this year with searches resulting in fewer risky sites. Biel continues to be in the spotlight with her on-again, off-again relationship with Justin Timberlake, and appeared in “The A-Team” in June 2010.

5. Katherine Heigl – The former “Grey’s Anatomy” star moved into the top 10 for the first time this year. Heigl has appeared in recent movies such as “Killers” and “Life as We Know It.”

6. Mila Kunis – The former star of “That 70s Show” makes her first showing in the top 10 list, bolstered by starring in movies such as “Black Swan” and “Friends with Benefits.”

7. Anna Paquin – This “True Blood” star is as dangerous on the Web as she is on the screen. She moved up from #10 last year to #7 this year.

8. Adriana Lima – Searching for downloads of this Brazilian beauty can direct users to red-ranked sites. Lima is best known for being a Victoria’s Secret Angel since 2000. Searching for Lima became slightly safer, moving her from #6 last year, to #8 this year.

9. Scarlett Johansson – The former child star has gotten more dangerous as she’s grown up. Named in 2010, as “Babe of The Year” by GQ Magazine, Johansson most recently appeared in “Iron Man 2.”

10. Emma Stone, Brad Pitt and Rachel McAdams – Pitt has been a mainstay of this list, appearing in the top 10 for the past four years. Stone and McAdams are new to the top ten. Stone, the star of last year’s “Easy A” has appeared in “The Help” and “Crazy Stupid Love” this year. McAdams has most recently appeared in “Morning Glory” and “Midnight in Paris.”


Vodka shots helped Keira through sex scenes

Vodka shots helped Keira through sex scenesKeira Knightley has admitted that she necked vodka shots to get through explicit sex scenes in her upcoming movie 'A Dangerous Method' in which she plays an erotically charged mental patient.

The 26-year-old actress, who has never faced problems getting her kit off for films, needed a little courage when it came to playing a sex-obsessed seductress.

Some of the sex scenes in the movie were so explicit that the 'Princess of Thieves' star initially turned down the role and then had to swig vodka to get through them.

Knightley plays a masochist who has an affair with her psychoanalyst Dr Carl Jung, played by Michael Fassbender, and at one point she is tied to a bed, topless and spanked.

"We were both very nervous about those scenes because they're not nice," the Mirror quoted her as saying.

"When we shot them I said to Michael, 'If you touch me I'm going to kill you.

"He said, 'Keira, you're tied to the bed at the moment. I don't think you're in any position to say that.

"I said, 'Yeah, you're right.

"He's absolutely wonderful - we had a couple of shots of vodka before doing the scene and a couple of glasses of champagne afterwards. A lot of people say acting is like therapy but I don't go for that. It is for some people, but not me.

"When you're playing something so dark you want to have a really nice time afterwards otherwise it's far too depressing.

"The actual filming work was very focused and very creative, but at the end of the day we watched football - the World Cup was on - and drank beer," she added.


Lady Gaga's hot dressing room

Lady Gaga's hot dressing roomLady Gaga has requested a particularly hot dressing room backstage at the MTV Europe Music Awards in Belfast tonight (06.11.11), with a constant temperature of 90 degrees maintained.

Lady Gaga has requested her dressing room be kept at 90 degrees at the MTV Europe Music Awards.

The eccentric singer - who is due to perform at the glamorous event at Belfast's Odyssey Arena tonight (06.11.11) - has asked thebackstage area be extremely warm, and also has a stash of honey ready to help her keep her vocal chords in top condition.

Upon arriving in Belfast, the 25-year-old star immediately sent her personal assistant out to get some other goods, including two espresso machines and china cups, an item Lady Gaga is often seen carrying while out and about.

Taio Cruz has also been announced as a performer on the show, and in rehearsals was seen working with French DJ David Guetta, best known for his hits with Kelly Rowland and Nicki Minaj.

Other requests including Ciroq Vodka and Tequila for party band LMFAO, and Justin Bieber - whose girlfriend Selena Gomez is presenting the show - has asked for 12 bottles of vitamin water in both purple and red.

Performers at the eagerly-anticipated event include Jessie J, Coldplay, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and 'Baby' hitmaker Justin.

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Kim Kardashian says her marriage to Kris was not sham

Kim Kardashian says her marriage to Kris was not shamKim Kardashian, who has filed for divorce from her husband of 72 days Kris Humphries said that she did not marry for publicity.

Speaking to the hosts of Australia's Sunrise programme, Kim Kardashian said that she tried hard to save her marriage to basketball player Kris Humphries. When asked why she didn't consult a counsellor before seeking divorce, the 31-year old reality television star said, "I think when you know so deep in your heart that you just have to listen to your intuition, and follow your heart.”

Speaking about the accusation stating that the marriage was a sham, Kim replied, “I think what really just, I think, what upsets me most is that there has been from the start so many rumors of money and dollar signs ... and so much of it not being true.”


Drew Barrymore most overpaid actor

Drew Barrymore most overpaid actorDrew Barrymore has been named the most overpaid actor in Hollywood by Forbes magazine.

Barrymore tops Forbes 2011 list of Hollywood's Most Overpaid Actors list with a return average of 40 percent for every dollar movie studios spend on her.

The 36-year-old's films have failed to rake in moolah at the box office in the past five years. "Everybody's Fine" earned only $16 million globally and "Lucky You" brought in only $8 million.

The second position went to Eddie Murphy. He returns $2.70 for every dollar spent on him. Will Farrell is at the third position with a return average of $3.50, reports aceshowbiz.com.

Reese Witherspoon and Denzel Washington wrapped up the top five with return averages of $3.55 and $4.25 repectively.


Lindsay Lohan jailed for 30 days

Lindsay Lohan jailed for 30 daysA judge on Wednesday ordered Lindsay Lohan returned to jail for 30 days for violating probation and put the troubled actress on a strict calendar of community service and psychological counseling.

The Mean Girls actress must report to jail on Nov 9, according to the order from Los Angeles superior court judge Stephanie Sautner, and will not be eligible for house arrest or early release.

After that, she must begin a five-month regimen of community service at the Los Angeles county morgue as well as regularly attend mental health counseling.

Lohan, 25, dressed demurely in a blue-and-white polka dot dress and answered "yes" to the judge's questions on whether she understood the sentence. At various times she appeared on the verge of tears.

Lohan rose to fame as a likable child star of Disney movies such as The Parent Trap, but has been in and out of trouble -- spending time in rehab and in jail -- since 2007 when she was convicted on a drunken driving and drug possession charges.

Earlier this year, she was convicted of stealing a gold necklace from a jewelry story. At that time, the judge sentenced her to 480 hours community service at a Los Angeles women's detention center and at the county morgue.

Two weeks ago, Judge Sautner revoked her probation because Lohan failed to adequately perform the service at the women's center and repeatedly missed court-ordered psychotherapy sessions.

In court on Wednesday, prosecutors said Lohan had canceled 12 of her 20 scheduled sessions at the women's center and missed 14 of 19 scheduled psychotherapy appointments.

Judge Sautner asked Lohan if she admitted to violating her probation by missing the appointments, and the actress answered "yes, your honor."

The judge then reinstated probation and changed Lohan's sentence to a total 300 days in jail. She ordered Lohan to spend the 30 days behind bars now.

The judge sternly laid out a schedule of morgue service and psychotherapy. If all goes according to plan, Lohan would end her probation by March 29, 2012.


Hilary Clinton's mother dies

Hilary Clinton's mother diesHilary Clinton is in is in mourning after her mother died at the age of 92.

The US Secretary of State pulled out of a planned trip to Europe this week to be with Dorothy Rodham as she battled an undisclosed illness, but she lost her fight for life in the early hours of Tuesday.

Rodham's family were by her bedside in Washington as she passed away.

A statement from the Clinton family reads: "She overcame abandonment and hardship as a young girl to become the remarkable woman she was.

"A warm, generous and strong woman; an intellectual; a woman who told a great joke and always got the joke; an extraordinary friend and, most of all, a loving wife, mother and grandmother.

"Dorothy is and always will be lovingly remembered by her daughter and son-in-law, Hillary Rodham Clinton and Bill Clinton."


Mackenzie Crook writes children's book

Mackenzie Crook writes children's bookMackenzie Crook can add author to his C.V after writing his first children's book.

The British star admits he dreamed up the idea for his debut novel, The Windvale Sprites, with his young son Jude in mind.

He tells The Independent on Sunday newspaper: "I wrote it as a book that I would have wanted to read when I was a kid, and my son is like a little clone of me; he adored it.

"In fact, I finished reading it to him last night. He was so into it. I would've been able to tell if he was just trying to please me."

And Crook admits the idea for a children's book has been in his head for a long time: "It occurred to me about 25 years ago. It's all based after the great storm of 1987 - it's been percolating for all that time - and it's only in the past two years that I managed to get it down. It's probably becoming a father that gave me the kick I needed to actually get it done.

"While doing this book I came to realise that's what I love doing - it's telling stories, whether writing, drawing, or from acting. I suppose that's what's in my blood - I'm a storyteller - one way or another."


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