I faked it with Peter Andre: Katie Price

I faked it with Peter Andre: Katie PriceFurious Jordan last night revealed the bitter truth that made her life with Peter Andre hell, admitting: "I lived a lie for five years."

The love-split star confessed that she put on a good wife act to please Peter, and vowed to ruin him as their split reached a shocking new low.

In an exclusive interview Jordan said: "I tried for five years to be something I suppose I wasn't really just because I wanted the marriage to work.

"I was in love with Pete. But you end up rebelling."

And she told a close friend: "I don't care if I ruin him. I've told my lawyers that. I want to bring him down. I've lived a lie with him for so long."

The couple tried to make their crumbling marriage work by having counselling. But they are now going through a messy divorce after Pete walked out in May, furious at pictures of Jordan on a night out with horse trainer friend Andrew Gould.

Jordan, 31, said: "For the past two years things weren't good. We had marriage counselling.

"And I really tried. I was never going to leave him because I believe you try and make things work. But now I'm not in that situation it's as if a big weight has been lifted off. I think, 'Would I ever go back?' There's just no way I could."

Since the split, mum-of- three Jordan has been seen on the razz and in a steamy clinch with her new cage fighter boyfriend Alex Reid.

Her behaviour has been slammed by singer Peter, 36, whose new single Behind Closed Doors is expected to miss out on topping the charts tonight. Most recently, he accused her of being a "despicable mother" in a phone row about teaching their children to swear - filmed for an ITV2 documentary on Monday about his single life.

Peter, who yesterday performed at the Rock in the Park gig in Preston, Lancs, also previously lashed out at her for apparently allowing their four-year-old son Junior to see her in bed with Alex.

But Jordan - real name Katie Price - is now hitting back and told a pal: "I'm being battered but I'm not going to lay back and take it anymore. I've had enough. I'm playing him at his own game now. I've got the best lawyers in the business and he's going to regret messing with me.

"He's used me to make money. He's used me to promote his single. Enough! They're my kids, it's my life, he can f*** off if he wants anything from me."

But she later admitted to the pal: "I never thought this would go on. I thought it was a bad dream I was going to wake up from. So until now I've been out of my depth. But this past week Pete's shown his true colours."

The News of the World revealed last week that Jordan was getting ready to dump new lover Alex, 34. But she insists she IS happy with him and the pair were this week snapped kissing in front of Peter's son Junior on a family day out at a park in Brighton, Sussex.

He also tenderly kissed her head after they went jogging in the seaside town yesterday.

A source close to Jordan - who also has a two-year-old daughter, Princess Tiaamii with Peter and a son Harvey, seven, from her relationship with footballer Dwight Yorke - said: "This week has made her realise she does want to give Alex a go and treat him more than a rebound fling.

"It was very liberating for her to be able to take the kids out with Alex in the park in front of the photographers.


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