Mick Jagger leaves his mark on Invercargill

Mick Jagger leaves his mark on InvercargillA new addition to the archives in Invercargill is the talk of the southern city.

A chunk of wall from Invercargill's Civic Theatre is believed to have been signed by the Rolling Stones' Mick Jagger nearly 45 years ago.

It is thought he inscribed the signature when the Stones performed at the theatre in 1965.

The etching was discovered in what used to be the band room, during renovations of the theatre.

"As soon as we turned the lights on, there it was sticking out - the signature of Mick Jagger," says Lindsay Frewen from the Civic Theatre.

A contractor involved in the reconstruction has given the old wallboard to the city and it will now remain in the care of the Invercargill City Library.

"There's a lot of story and a lot of obviously speculation around it, and not a lot of other places will have anything like this. It's definitely unique and special for us," says library worker Rebecca Smith.

The plan is to try to confirm the marker as Jagger's - though some people don't need any convincing.

"I think it's exciting really that we've found this. Let's go with it and say yes, it is his signature," says Frewen.

Until now the Rolling Stones' Invercargill visit has been remembered by their description of the city as "the arsehole of the world".


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