All natural Kim Kardashian fights cosmetic surgery stories

All natural Kim Kardashian fights cosmetic surgery storiesNew York (ANI): While denying cosmetic surgery rumours, socialite Kim Kardashian insisted that her body is 100 percent natural. "I did a nude shoot when I was 15 pounds heavier - un-retouched, cellulite - so what? I don't think cellulite is cute, but I've been working out all year. And I thought I would reward myself. So I said, 'Why not?' When the shoot came about I said yes, and I think it worked out really well.

"It empowers me - it makes me feel accomplished - it shows me that I've reached my goals - I'm not the type of girl who can eat whatever she wants. It is a challenge. It is hard for me. I am not one of those skinny girls," Kardashian said. She added that she's happy to be single, reports Fox News.

She said: "I feel very blessed, happy to be single, focusing on my work life - living on my own and living in my life. I would say to women follow your heart, and have fun. Just make sure that no one makes you feel bad. I was fortunate to have a good relationship and have it end in a positive way. It makes me sad when people stay in a negative relationship and don't know their self worth and refuse to move on."


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