Paris Hilton Pleads Guilty To Drug Possession

Paris Hilton Pleads Guilty To Drug PossessionSo, first Paris Hilton was claiming those drugs which just fell out of a handbag she was holding was 'too cheap' to be something she'd own (but she'd use someone else's lipgloss out of it, obviously) but now it looks as though she's finally admitted to it…

The pink and fluffy princess has pleaded guilty in a Las Vegas court to drug possession and obstructing a public officer after she was pulled over by police in Las Vegas on 27 August this year, and cocaine was found in her handbag. We mean, the handbag that she was holding, the she'd posted a picture of on Twitter, but wasn’t actually hers.

Anyway, she's backtracked on that and as part of a plea deal she has accepted responsibility for the drug offence, and in return she has not received a prison sentence. Lovely.

She will have to fork out $2,000 and carry out 200 hours of community service though, and she was even warned that if she is arrested for anything again she could face up to a year in the Clark County Detention Centre. Yikes.

Let's hope Paris cleaners herself up better than young miss Lohan shall we?


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