Lindsay Lohan's Sex Scenes Anger Her Dad.

Lindsay Lohan's Sex Scenes Anger Her Dad.Lindsay Lohan's father Michael is too scared to watch his daughter's new movie - after storming out of a screening of her last film Georgia Rule when she appeared in a sex scene.

Estranged dad Michael can't bear to watch the 21-year-old in love scenes and fears I Know Who Killed Me will leave him fleeing the movie theatre in tears.

He tells In Touch magazine, "I go to every one of her movies. I had to leave Georgia Rule - during a couple of scenes I ran out of the theater.

"I don't want to see her in a sexual context; even if she's acting, she's my daughter first. And I Know Who Loved Me (sic) - I don't even know if I'll go to see that. If someone goes, and warns me ahead of time, 'Michael, get out of the theater - something's coming up,' then I will."

Meanwhile Lindsay Lohan is to continue with the "erotic yoga" pole dancing classes she took to prepare for her new film role as a stripper - because the sessions have made her a better dancer.

The troubled actress plays a risque dancer in new movie I Know Who Killed Me and took up stripper classes to get into the part, and she's now hooked.

She tells, "I took these classes where you begin with sort of like erotic yoga to warm up. It was really hard on the pole because it takes a lot of upper body strength.

"When I saw the scenes, I was surprised that I was dancing the way I was. I'm actually going to keep taking lessons because it makes me feel good."


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