Debt forced Dannii Minogue to strip for Playboy

Debt forced Dannii Minogue to strip for PlayboyDannii Minogue has revealed that she decided to bare all for Playboy mag when she found herself in the midst of a financial crisis after her split with ex-hubby Julian McMahon in 1995. The singer then decided to strip her way to money in order to pay her 150,000-pound debt rather then asking her superstar sis Kylie for help.

"My parents didn't want me to do it. My dad was saying, ''Doing this is forever - you can never, ever change it''," the Daily Express quoted Dannii, as saying.

"Kylie knew why I was doing it - I could have asked her for the money, but it wasn't in my nature. I never wanted to admit the trouble I was in. I should have been looking at my finances,” she said.

She added, "I would never disclose how much - but it had to be a lot to look at my parents'' faces and see the anguish in my dad's eyes.

"I don't regret it, but I feel relieved that people know why I did it - it''s a huge weight off my shoulders. It was actually fun and I did feel liberated. I looked at the pictures and thought, ''I look alright!''

"The magazine was the biggest selling title they''d ever had and they had to reprint. My girlfriends went out to buy it and told me I looked beautiful. It then felt like a celebration of me."


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