Angelina Jolie seems to be breaking up all the concepts regarding her relationship

Angelina Jolie seems to be breaking up all the concepts regarding her relationshipAngelina Jolie seems to be breaking up all the concepts that have been on people’s minds regarding their relationships.

In a recent interview that she gave to a German magazine, she came out with an explosive theory of her own, something that is not likely to be echoed in many quarters: that it is not important to be absolutely loyal to one’s partner in order to maintain a perfect relationship.

When asked if she maintained her relationship with Brad Pitt based on that principle, the Changeling and Tomb Raider star commented that she did not believe in restricting anyone’s life on the basis of some principle. She feels that it is important to provide ample space to one’s partner, even if that extends to compromising on one’s fidelity. She claims that though she has been in a pretty long relationship with Brad Pitt, they have never encroached on each other’s personal space.

It is normal and even healthy, to have occasional arguments with one’s partner, believes the actress who is rumored to have a notorious temper. It is worse to break up and then slander one’s partner than to be an infidel, according to the attractive brunette.

She does not believe that being in a relationship means that they have to be bound to each other all the time, and that it is okay to wander now and then. This sort of explains why, despite being dogged by numerous rumors of being on the verge of splitting, the couple has been going strong over the years. The secret, as can be gleaned from Angelina Jolie’s candid confession, lies in their open relationship.


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