Lindsay Lohan advised to take a dip at Holy Ganges

Lindsay Lohan advised to take a dip at Holy GangesA Hindu statesman has advised Lindsay Lohan, who is currently in India for a BBC documentary, to take a dip in the holy Ganges so that the Mean Girls star can 'rediscover herself'.

After a much-publicised struggle with booze and prescription drugs Lohan, 23, is finally getting back to some serious work. She is currently making a film on women and child trafficking in India for the BBC. And some feel coming to India can help Lohan in more ways than one.

"Lindsay Lohan should rediscover herself by taking a dip in the holy Ganges. It is believed that bathing in the sacred Ganges purifies one of all sin and its waters confer immortality," the Telegraph quoted Rajan Zed, as saying.

And what does the star feel about the subject of her documentary? "Trafficking is a big issue here, I'm (here to do) what I can, and I will continue to do so as long as life when time permits it," she wrote on her Twitter page.

Later Lohan added: "Over 40 children saved so far. Within one day's work. This is what life is about. Doing this is a life worth living. I'm only one person. Let's not start judging and looking for negatives that don't exist."


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