Hollywood's latest Ultimate Celebrity is a hottie - but in reality a nottie

Hollywood's latest Ultimate Celebrity is a hottie - but in reality a nottieWatch out Angelina, move over Charlize, step aside Halle. There's a new 'it' girl in Tinseltown. Carlizina. Recently, Worth1000 challenged artists to create the "Ultimate Celebrity" by combining the best facial features of Hollywood's hottest actresses.

"It looks like a real person," says site founder Avi Muchnick of the winning entry. "Some of the others looked a little bit exaggerated, like they were trying to blend pieces that didn't work. But here, [the artist] took different pieces of the individuals that made them attractive, and made them very seamless."

Other entries blended Theron's beautiful nose and mouth with Michelle Pfeiffer's classic cheekbones, or Emma Watson's fresh face with Christina Aguilera's slammin' body.

Jolie's perfect pout popped up on most pictures, along with signature features from Theron, Scarlett Johansson and Halle Berry. "Ocean's Eleven's" gorgeous George Clooney and Brad Pitt were the hunk heavyweights.

Still, some submissions managed to look more Frankenstein than fantasy girl. "That one's really creepy," says Muchnick, referring to a mashup of Milla Jovovich, Kate Beckinsale, Keri Russell, Cindy Crawford, Jessica Simpson and Monica Bellucci called Hot Stuff. "It almost looks masculine."

Muchnick's own uber-hottie would include the best sides of Johansson, Jolie and Claire Forlani - as well as his wife, of course. "They have very distinctive eyes - that does include my wife," he says. "They draw attention to the narrowness of their face and highlight how proportional it is. I guess they're all generally pretty. ... I'm going to get in so much trouble when this article comes out!"


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