Amanda Seyfried Works To Help 'Heartbreak'

Amanda Seyfried Works To Help HeartbreakAmanda Seyfried refuses to give herself time off in between movies - because she has to distract herself from the "heartbreak" of leaving behind the bonds she's made on set.

The actress has been involved in nine film projects since 2009, and threw herself into shooting a new movie, titled Now, just days after wrapping upcoming blockbuster Red Riding Hood.

And she admits the pain of breaking away from pals she makes when filming forces her to quickly begin shooting her next project.

Seyfried tells Britain's Marie Claire, "Because you're afraid of having time alone, you want to distract yourself from the heartbreak of one relationship.

"That's why I go from movie to movie, it seems, because I want to distract myself from feeling really sad and having to disconnect from a family I've created.

"I'll just work right away. I literally left Vancouver and started (a) new project, Now, a week later."

Seyfried is back on the big screen later this year as she takes on the lead role in Catherine Hardwicke's version of Red Riding Hood.


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